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Feral scared me

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I had to take Rip in to the vet just now. She was having some problems with her back legs and her meow vanished! I just dealt with a person whose boyfriend backhanded one of her cats and the cat lost her meow, and the cat also lost her life from the blow she sustained. So to say I was worried sick about Ripster was an understatement!

The vet (I found a cat vet!) YEAH! Said she has sustained some injury to her back. He does not know why her meow is gone, he checked her neck and throat and said it could just be the stress caused by the pain. He put her on predisone for a few days and if she doesn't get better he will run x-rays. Not only is he a cat vet, but he loves ferals and he gave me a discounted price! $45.00 for the whole visit! Of course he is hours away (figures) but at least I found a cat vet for non-emergency type situations.

Rip is contained upstairs, and right now? I think I am glad her meow is gone! She hates confinement!
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I'm so glad you found a good vet! I sure hope Ripster is OK and it's nothing more than a bruise and a bit of a bruised ego.
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Oh MA, it's been a tough season for you!!! My prayers for Rip, and though it may be easier on the ear now that her meow is gone, I sure hope she gets it back.

(((((Hugs))))) to you, and scritches to Rip!
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Prayers and Get-Well vibes headed your way for Rip. I'm so happy that you found a cat vet that cares so much! That's good news.

Best of Luck to you and Rip!
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I am so jealous of you having a cat vet. I sure wish there was one around here!

Sending all my good healing vibes to Rip. I hope the prednisone helps speed the healing and that she is back to normal soon.
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How much to you usually pay for a vet visit. I think $45.00 sounds like a lot. I paid $23.00 for a vet visit and that included his shots. Of course, tests run more. My vet is a cat owner and he loves cats.
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A typical vet visit would run me anywhere from $65.00 to $85.00 $45.00 is cheap that included the exam, the shots, the medicine
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45 is a great price! what a deal!
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I just paid $70 for overnight boarding, exam, urinalysis, and meds. I think prices vary greatly based on where you live.
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Wow! When I think of the money you must spend in your feral work, it boggles the mind. I really tip my hat to all you feral angles.
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We buy, on an average, 5 of the largest bags of dry cat food every 2 weeks. We don't even want to total that bill at the end of the year! Then we've paid for over 90 cats to be fixed, and extra to give them a shot of antibiotics while they're there. We've also had ear-mites taken care of along with flea problems. It's not cheap, but the satisfaction is much better than the money! Our colony started out at around 60+ cats. I think we caught a few neighborhood cats in the process, and is down to about 25 - 30 now.
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it can get very expensive but it is very rewarding too. I was totally up my vet bills and they are over 2000 so far for this year But since I use my kittens as models my account ( I meant accoutant! ) and I going to take the bills as a business expense. I figured I need model, my kitties are just to adorable, they may as well be my models
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Your kitties make perfect models. I especially love to look at Blizy and Marble. Such cuties!
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awww thank you stormy and nimby are my top models. Now that blizzy is alittle bigger she will be "working" more, and if marble ever stops being so wiggly or if i get a better dig camera he will do more to I can't wait until sebastian eyes get better so I can see how he looks in pictures Granet will be awesome if he gets alittle less shy
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Hey His-His-Hissy!

You do wonders with these ferals and this time proves it all, what do you mean, finally found a cat vet? Don't you have vets near you? Or are there but they don't specialise in cats? , We are very lucky our vet is in the same road! (Tinny b!%C&..LOL)

Good Luck with rippy-roo-rip! If you ever can get close enough , give her a from me
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