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Paranoid here

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I visited my friend who used to live in the apartment before me and she was telling me how her dogs had fleas all the time (still do) and I got paranoid, what if there are eggs in the carpet, etc - I use Advantage for my babies, I vacuum regularly, I am petrified of them getting fleas, and I was wondering if there is some kind of flea powder that you can put in the carpet and vacuum up or anything to that effect so I can feel better?

Any help and suggestions are soooo much appreciated!
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Welll..... Um. If I remember correctly there is a special kind of carpet deodorizer that kills eggs. I'll have to do some reserch on it, but I'll get back to you on it.

~ Salem
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If you've lived in the apartment longer than a couple months and the temps were not freezing or anything, don't worry about it The advantage that you put on kitties either has done the job or is currently doing the job of killing fleas. Don't put stuff in your carpet. It will be icky stuff like permethrins or something. The advantage is much less harmful. .. it only can kill teeny tiny fleas.

If you have lived in this apartment for over a year and kitties have had advantage for the same period of time, you could even stop giving them advantage (if they are indoor only and you don't have any furry (dog or cat) visitors).

Mostly, what I mean is don't worry! (this is coming from a worry wart)

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