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cat safe with dog??????!!!

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Hello. I have a friend who have 2 cats and she and her husband just got a Jack Russell Terrier dog before doing research and she just found out from a website that this breed of dog are not good for children and cats. She is pregnant with her first child. She's so upset and wants to know if the cats and the soon to be born baby will be safe with this puppy..

I don't know what to say so I need ur advice on this.

Anyone who have knowledge and/or advice on this?? PLs reply ASAP.
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First things first hun *chuckling* calm down It's not the end of the world.

Second of all, just because the little mongrel is a type of breed that dosen't have the natural disposition to be compatable with the cats and the kids, it dosen't mean he won't be. The younger he is the better he'll be because he won't have the influence of his brothers and sisters.

Third of all, anything is possible with thoese little guys. A friend of mine breeds them, and she has about 15 cats to boot.

It just goes to show you that normal tsteriotypes should be looked at, but not set as the standard for everyone.

Just something to think about

~ Salem
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jack russells are high maintanance and very hyper dogs. Personally, I wouldn't trust them with cats. My neighbor's Jack Russell will routinely chase their cats up trees as well as mine! I am not sure about babies, I think they would be safer with babies than they are with cats.
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I don't know much about Jack russels either..But, we have 3 cats, 3 large dogs (german shepherd, standard poodle and a Belgian Malinois) 2 birds and 2 kids..and odly enough they all get along...!! We always get funny looks..but I feel as long as you make sure everyone gets their Lovin', there isn't be a problem..! many family members were worried about the kids with all the pets...but once they come see, they quickly change their mind..and the kids are tought VERY early to respect their animal siblings..!! Everyone has their own personality..no matter what breed they are..!

Hope that helps..!

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I had 11 cats with 5 dogs - 2 of them greyhounds, who were bred for the last 1000 years to hunt down and kill small furry animals.

Any dog that has been bred for hunting will require a firm hand and lots of love/rewards to respond how you feel appropriate. I suggest that the owner take the dog to obedience class (with all members of the family present), and learn what it takes to train the dog. Too many owners let their dogs run the house, or send the dog away for obedience training. My experience (from having 400 pounds of dog flesh with 11 cats), is to learn how to control the dog. Dogs are happiest when you are their alpha dogs and you keep the firm hand on them. Dog obedience classes should teach the owner more so than the dog.

On the other hand, your dog needs some space and you will need to teach your cats that there are some areas off limits (such as trying to eat out of their food bowl while they are eating). My only scare was when Bogart (then 8 weeks old) tried to eat my Greyhounds food when he was eating. The Grey picked him up in his mouth and gently placed him to the side of the bowl. Bogart never did it again.

Good luck to your friend! She can do it!!!!!
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The dog is breed to hunt small prey, but can be tought that the cats are off limits. I would recomend taking the dog to obedience class also. I would make sure the cats have a safe room, where the dog is not allowed (just in case the cats get tired of the dog). The cats need to know that they are safe. The dog can be tought that the cats Aren't play toys. He needs to have his own. As far as the baby goes, just make sure the baby is tought not to pull any of the animals tails'. As long as the animals aren't bothered with the baby, they should get along fine. Mke sure every animal in the house is spayed/neutered. It will help to lessen behavioral problems, that will make things more complicacted. She needs to make sure the animals are introduced slowly to each other and to the baby. You may want to suggest a scented plug-in to calm the animals if they get uptight. I hope this helps. Tell her not to give up.
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How old is the dog? If its a puppy, I think most puppies that are raised with cats can be easily trained to live peacefully with them..regarless of the breed. JMO.
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I think that with PROPER training and a FIRM hand...not just sometimes - ALL THE TIME, your dog, cats and baby can get along.

I have a Pit Bull and she was trained from the first day she was home, which was at 7 weeks. She is great with the cats and small children. All I have to do is look at her if she is doing something wrong and she stops immediately. She is the most well trained and affectionate dog I have ever had, and I also have a Golden Retriever and a Shepard/Golden mix.

It's all about how you raise them.
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a good article on introducing dogs & cats:

a good article about dogs & children:

a great book "Childproofing your dog" - I have this one & it's VERY good:

Yes, some breeds are more likely to cause problems than others, but if you begin training as a puppy you can really make a difference. Encourage them to enroll their puppy in a good obedience class ASAP.

I found an abandoned Australian Cattle Dog (heeler) last year, and in researching the breed ran across a lot of literature saying this breed was not good with children or cats. This dog, however, is VERY sweet - I gave him to a family with a two-year-old child and a cat, and they love him!
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I have two cats and two dogs. The Husky mixed breed lives outside but he does get to visit with the kitties on a regualar basis. My Minature Pinscher is an inside dog and is out weighed by at the very least 5lbs by the cats Ceasar(MinPin) can hold his own with the cats. My main concern is when the cats start to fight between themselves.
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We just got a puppy a month ago and sometimes, when the weather is bad we put him in the garage at night. But we also have two outside cats that sleep in the garage. Well this past Sat morning when I was taking the puppy outside he put his nose in one of the cats face and WACK the cat got him right in the eye, blood everywhere so off to the Vet I go. The dog was lucky, his eye was not cut but the third eyelid was. Now the dog keeps his nose out of the cats way.
Dogs and Cats learn the hard way sometimes but they end up getting along.
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my sister has a jack and a baby granddaugther living in the same house and they love each other!She has no problem's.
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Just found another great link about introducing a dog to a house with cats:

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