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Why do I feel dizzy before menstrual period?

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The title says it all, if it's not dizziness, it's migraine
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When the progesterone drops right before your period, lots of nasty little symptoms can occur. I get the pre-menstrual migraines, too, as well as a flare up of the autoimmune disease I have. I also have problems at ovulation time, when the estrogen level is high and progesterone is just starting to rise. Fun times for me!

You might want to talk to your gyn and get hormone levels drawn and see if some progesterone cream use might help you in the 12 days or so before your period. It can be helpful to many.

Good luck.

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Could it be a blood pressure thing? I tend to get dizzy but that's because I have naturally low blood pressure and it tends to dip a little during PMS.
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Iron issues?
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I get allsorts of symptoms before I am due on, its just hormone changes. I am due on next week and I have been feeling really sick lately. If you are worried though at all go to your doctors.xx
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Mmm, another thought might be perimenopause - I know, it's sad, but you can start this phase years, and years, before menopause - I remember having flu like symptoms, and it took a while for me to put 2 and 2 together. But, as was mentioned - it never hurts to call the doctor's office and report symptoms. Sometimes there is a lot they can do to alleviate symptoms.

Good luck.
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I get the same way, but it wasnt until I started on this birth control that it got bad. I'm going to have to switch because of all the symptoms I am having! Its horrible!
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Just wait for perimenopause!! I get really tired during my period, sometimes queasy it can vary greatly from month to month.
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