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Lazy Cat??

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Hi All---haven't been around for awhile so thought I'd check in with this question. I have two feral cats which have adopted me. For those who may remember me I have one cat named Kiki would not use the litter box. Well, I'm here to report that there has been some progress in that matter. He will use it at night when he decides to stay in, but only for liquid. That's ok, at least it's something. Don't know how I'll get him to do the rest in there.

Anyway, my real question concerns the behavior of the other cat who I have name "Billy". I have had him for about 6 months. He's been around our area for a long time, but nobody claimed him. Billy takes walks with us every night and it's so strange but he'll walk about 100 yards or so and decide to lay down. Doesn't seem to be stressed or out of breath, no panting or anything---he just decides to lay down. He'll then get up and continue the walk sometimes running up the trees or whatever activity he decides to do. I'm just wondering if this is a cause for concern. I mean I've never seen a cat that'll take a rest after so short a distance. He'll do this continually on our walk which usually about 1/2 mile when we're done. He may just be lazy---what do you all think?

Thanks for your help,
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You can get your cat to walk 100 yards without stopping? I must be doing something wrong!

I have found that my cats walk quite confidently in an area they have checked out, then they stop, lie down, and do a visual survey of the next territory to conquer. Then, when they are comfortable that its safe to proceed, they get up and walk another small distance.

I feel quite safe walking with cats, we will never be overtaken by predators. Or bits of paper blowing across the path. Or dogs. Or people. They have a keen eye for all of these very dangerous things.
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From what i can tell you live in a very humid and hot area. I would think that he may just be comforted by the coolness of the ground ((it stays much cooler than most other things in heat and sunlight)). Maybe you should take him to the vet if your really worried about him, but if he dosen't seem to be in distress,and he dosen't seem to be in pain, then maybe he is just a lazy kitty.

On the other hand it's always better to be safe than sorry.

~ Salem
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Thanks Salem! It's funny you mentioned a "humid and hot" area. We actually live in probably one of the few areas in the U.S. where if it hits 70 degrees we think we're having a heat wave anytime during the year! No, I think as you mentioned in your last sentence I'm just dealing with a lazy, crafty cat! He's really funny and definitely has a mind of his own. Of course everytime he lays down he'll turn over on his back waiting for a willing tummy rubbing hand. Think there's a message to his maddness.

Thanks again,
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Have you ever met a cat that wasn't lazy?

My cats do the same thing when we walk the yard. They walk a bit, then lay down, walk a bit, then lay down. If he's healthy otherwise and displays no signs of distress then he's probably just doing what cats do best -- taking in the sights, sounds, and smells. It sounds as if he enjoys his walks with you therefore he's not rushing a good thing.
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Oh Sammie that's funny---Sorry I didn't see your reply yesterday when I answered. Well, pretty close to it I think. We're about 50' up and about 100 yards back from the ocean and he does pretty well, but then there are other times on shorter walks where he'll just lay down and look around, roll over and wait for some rubs. He'll do this every so many feet sometimes. I think as you said this is just a cat thing and if he's otherwise healthy I'm just not going to worry about it.

jmvito--- thanks, that's reassuring to know I'm not the only one experiencing this behavior. I really do think he enjoys his walks. Just doesn't want me to KNOW he enjoys it--LOL!!

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