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Won't be around as much as of August 11th

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Well - I have a start date for my new job. I leave here and start in a new office as off August 11th. They called today, and wanted me to start tomorrow, but I am needed here for a while long (to train my replacement). I am excited, but I am nervous. I have been in this same place for 7 years. I will definately have less internet time, but the pay is better and so are future opportunities. I will be keeping up with the IMO forum as I am still guest mod, but I may not post as often in any other forum. Fortunately my work e-mail will remain the same for those of you who occasionally e-mail me.

Thanks for all of the good luck wishes I recieved back in January when I did the interview for this job - Board Magic works - sometimes it just takes a while!
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Congratulations on your new job! You will definitely be missed! Keep us posted though! Hugzzz!
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Congrats on the new job Ady! You'll be wonderful at it, just like you are in your current position and as a Guest Mod.
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GOOD LUCK with the new job
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Woohoo!! Congratulations Ady. Good luck with the new job!
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I am so glad they settled on you. I hope it is all you need it to be!
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Yay! I am soooo glad for you (well not glad that you will be here less) but glad that you got the job!!!!!!!!

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Congrats Ady! I'm really happy for you!
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Congrats Ady! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time and be back with us on the other boards.... we'll miss you terribly!!!!!!
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. But we'll miss you for sure!
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Congratulations and good luck Ady. I do hope you won't be posting too sparingly, we enjoy your company.
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What great news Ady! Congrats! We'll miss you terribly...just don't forget about all of us, ok?
Best of luck with the new job!
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CONGRATS! on the new job
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Way to go, Ady!
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hey ady, congrats! I'm sure you'll be ok at the new place!
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Congratulations on your new job. I hope you like it, and we will miss you. Don't be a stranger.
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Hey Ady-

I'll miss you so much - but we can still catchup eh

Good Luck! Do you have the internet at home?

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Ady!!! Well done and good luck in the new job . . . I'm sure you'll be fine, and the extra challenge will do you good.

I bet you'll soon become so practiced at it you'll be back to your old TCS visit times again in no time!!!
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Thanks everyone! I met my new manager today and my trainer and they seem really nice! I am looking forward to it,but I am very nervous. I do have a computer at home, but currently it is in pieces (hubby was trying to add something and fried it). I will post as often as possible and definately in the IMO forum! I still have 3 full weeks of posting ability!
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That's neat Ady!, Oh Ok

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Thats great ady! (That you got the job, not that you can't post as much ) Congratulations .
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