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funny trip to the ER this morning

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This is too funny! At like 5:00am this morning Tim wakes me up and tells me that a bug flew in his ear. I thought he was just talking in his sleep, sometimes he does, anyway, he runs out of bed holding his ear and wails, "it's fluttering, it's fluttering" After I stopped laughing, which was hard to do, I calmed him down and tried to wash his ear out with the squegie we use for Maddie's snoty nose to get the mucus out when she has a cold. That wasn't working so I had to convince him that we needed to go to the ER to get it out. On our way to the ER he was bitching about paying a lot, his insurance doesn't kick in until September since he just got a new teaching job. SO here he is btiching about the money and inbetweem complaining he starts yelling, "He's walking around, yes, he's moving" It was too funny! The doctor finally got it out by just shining a flashlight in his ear. The bug, turned out to be a little knat, came toward the light. What an exciting morning!!

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Poor guy! That would freak me out. I was atching an episode of Trauma in the ER in which a woman had a cockroach lodged in her ear - they almost had to do surgery to get it out!
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- ammm - I mean I hope he has recovered.
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that is so funny, and one expenise bug im glad hes alright now....
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When my daughter was about 3 she stuck a dried flower from an arrangement in her ear and I didnt know and she was acting strange like something was bothering her in her ear and it looked so awful in her ear I took her to the emergency room and they flushed it out with water and a syringe. I thought something awful was wrong with her and then I saw what came out and it was a piece of dried flower in her ear! Scared me but afterwards it was funny!!
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Oh geez! At first I was thinking... How could an ER trip be amusing in the least?? Glad it wasn't anything serious.
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Ack! The same thing happened to my sister. Apparently it is a really awful feeling hearing the fluttering in your ear.
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All right, the ad I get for this thread is for a product that removes ear wax.

I love these ads, the associations with the thread topics are hilarious!
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Ted had this happen to him a couple of years ago.only it was a japenase beetle (SP)and they had to put him to sleep to get it out!It was stuck to the inside of his ear. To this day he hates them,kill's any the minute he see's one! It was inside the sheets I had hung out to dry,I am not allowed to hang any thing out side to dry!
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OMG this happened to me in the 4th grade. It was just a gnat but it sounded like a HUGE dragonfly! Its the strangest feeling!

Glad the bug came out of his ear!
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Unbelievable! That's one for the books!
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