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Might be getting another kitten, NEED OPINONS PLEASE!

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I have a chance to get another male bengal kitten. :tounge2: His name is Chester, and he is 12 weeks old. The breeder is willing to sell him to me for a good price. To make a long story short, she had sold Chester to a 21-year old girl and boyfried, when Chester was 8 weeks; well, 3 weeks ago, the girl and guy broke up and the girl had to return him. So, she emailed me telling me about him! He is extremley healthy, wonderful temperment, and an extremely big boy for his age! I would really love to get Chester! But I need some opinions first:

Are 2 boys more apt to fight with each other? I have heard never to have 2 boys in the same house, unless they are neutered. Well, by the end of next month, Gizmo will be neutered.

Also, Tigger and Gizmo have bonded extremely well. By brining in a new male kitten, will this break their bond? Or will Gizmo think of Chester as a new friend to play with? Also, Gizmo gets in his wild moods where he will constantly pester Tigger, chasing her around, playing with her tail, bitting on her. Do you think by getting Chester, Gizmo might take out his "playfulness" on him and they can have a good wrestling match?

I know when getting a new kitten, you take chances. I would really love to get Chester, but is it wise? I can suppost them financially. And, while our house is small (3 bedroom house), they will still have plenty of room to hide, play, etc.
I also look at it this way: it is probably better to introduce a new cat now, while they are young, then wait til they are older. So, please give me your opinions. Thanks! :tounge2:
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Well, nothing is ever a for sure deal. To be honest some cats are better at being multicat cats. IMO kittens are the fastest to accept change in most cases. 3 cats are not usually a problem, or it wasnt in my case. I found that they all took turns playing.They all may be a little grouchy at first, but I would think they would become friends pretty qiuckley. Yes, too many males in one house can sometimes be a problem. It helps if they are neutered at about 5 months.
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Hi Tigger - This would be a hard decision, but if I were you, I'd do what your heart tells you. Since your cats are so young, especially Gizmo, I think they'd adapt in time.

Personally, I've had two males with no problem. The first was about 3 months old when I brought home the second, who was 6 months. The first was not neutered at the time, but the new one was. At that time, I didn't know you're supposed to separate the cats, so I just let them at it. In just a few hours they were playing with each other and by the end of the week, they were grooming each other.

I know it would be hard for me to pass up a chance like this! (That's why I have my husband and my mother!)
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Hey Tigger! I would give it a shot. If you can support them financially, I don't see a problem. If you neuter them, they will settle down extremely! At first, the other ones will be jealous and territorial. But cats adapt vey well. And to me there's nothing better than bringing in a new cat! If I had the money and space for another one, I would.
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