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litterbox question

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hello i am new here so if this question has already been asked i apologize. My cat Bosco has been with us for several months and I couldnt have asked for a better pet. My question is about his behavior towards his litter box being scooped or cleaned. It seems everytime i go to scoop his litter no matter where he is or what he is doing he hears me and comes RUNNING to inspect. He will sit there and watch me scoop everything out and then when i am done adding fresh litter he will crawl inside and either go or he will just lay there in the fresh litter for a few moments. What is up with this? Its not a bad behavior I actually find it pretty funny but I am just curious to know why he does this. Is it a territory thing? or is he just plain nosey? LOL
Thanks in advance for any answers
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My Loki also does this - he is nosy and before he uses his litter box again he want to make sure it's clean. Most of the time right after I scoope or fill the litter box with fresh litter he is in there doing his business.
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my kitties do this. I think it is because they want to make sure it is still theres
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My kitten does the exact same thing. Sometimes he is in there even before I have put the new litter in the box.
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Actualy wat it is is a cats natural reaction to something that they believe belongs to them.

I have 7 cats, so you can believe how offten I have to soop the poop. One thing I noticed was that once I was done scooping it up the kittens and cats would come running to use it.

I did a little reserch on it and I came up with a few things. 1) They do it because they like the clean feel of the litterbox, and they hope that you'll clean it out again once your done. 2) their marking the box with their scent saying "hey this is my box, why are you taking my marking away.". 3)Your litter is a bit too dusty and they see it as a dust bath.

What I would do is absolutly nothing. She/he will grow out of it in a few months, and everything will go back to kitty heaven again.

Hope that helped.

:kitty2~ SAlem
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