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I'm glad she's taking the food OK. At least you know the secret of getting urine samples now! Keep us posted!
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Best wishes that ChiChi responds well to the medication and diet. I have one dearling who was diagosed with Chronic Renal Failure over a year ago, it's no fun when one of your cats is ill
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So my mom has been trying to get another urine sample from ChiChi since she's been on the diet and medication for over 2 weeks now. My mom puts the litterbox with the lentil beans there during the day, then at night (when the vet is already closed) she puts her littermaid back. Problem is ChiChi waits till the littermaid comes back So I told my mom to leave the lentil box out for good, even if she pees at night just clean it out or else she will never go.

Well, today she just called me laughing. I guess my dad put the littermaid in the bathtub (why he did that I'll never know ) while the lentil box was in the spot that her littermaid was. Well, she FOUND the littermaid in the bathtub and went to the bathroom in it!!! *sigh* So I told mom to put it in the garage or something where she cant get it! My goodness ChiChi is a sneaky one!!
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Now that's one determined kitty!
Keep us posted
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Well my mom finally got another sample. The vet says its better looking than the last one but there's still blood in it. He still wants her to continue the special food. Now he wants to do an ultrasound to check the liver, kidneys and urinary tract. God.. she will NOT like that at all. It's already traumatic enough for her to even go to the vet. I wish he could tell us something just by looking at the sample. He still says its not an infection so I dont know what else it could be.
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I'm sorry she's not well yet.

Ultrasound isn't really that bad, she'll probably be fine. Macumba had one done on her heart once, and she didn't mind it. They just rub the reader (or whatever you call it) around on her sides & belly, or wherever they need to look.

Sending lots of get-well vibes & prayers to Chi Chi

Perhaps you might want to ask the vet about giving her Rescue Remedy prior to a vet visit? It's a flower essence you can get at the health food store - you put a few drops in their water & it helps to calm them down a little bit.
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Thanks. I had to take my RB cat for an ultrasound once. She did ok.. but Chichi I dunno. I think though she might be so scared that she wont move. She was pretty docile at the last visit.. I could tell she was SO scared though and uneasy.

I have Flower Essences. I use them for Zoey's biting problem. I am thinking of picking up some feliway though if I can find it.
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Mom called. ChiChi had her ultrasound today.

So... what they found was a small something (??) around the kidney that shouldnt be there.. but it does not represent anything or any kind of specific problem (has ChiChi stumped the specialists?? ) Its not tumors, or cancer, or stones.. he said its so small that it shouldnt be much of a cause for concern. THat everything else looks fine. They just want us to monitor her and periodically bring in urine samples.

So yeah.. I guess that's good news.
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glad it doesn't seem to be something serious!
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Yeah, I mean, there could be worse problems she could have at age 14. If it were cancer or a disease or infection they would have found it by now. Plus like I said, she's happy, she eats, plays, purrs and uses her litterbox so she's not in any discomfort.
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So glad to hear this...here's hoping for no more health puzzles with Chichi!
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*Sends some good vibes that ChiChi does even better.* That's a good girl ChiChi.

Thats good news about ChiChi. Hope she does well.
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Thank you.

Here's ChiChi

It is going to drive me crazy though. The fact that they dont know what it is that is causing small blood in her urine. *sigh*. I am just glad she doesnt appear to be in any pain or having any problems.
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Still sending get-well prayers.

I love Torties...she's so pretty.
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Ok mom talked to the vet again. He was trying to decipher the report from the specialist.. I guess he has bad handwriting. so we're going to try to get a copy of a typed up report within the next few days.

So he translated that she has a very very small infarct on her kidney. Which, in lame man's terms, means her kidney is shrinking. Very little. He said it is not uncommon in old cats. And that if it were his cat, he would not do any more tests and just let it be. He wants to keep her on the S/D food and bring in a urine sample in a month or so. I guess to just make sure its not getting worse. So far every urine sample has had less blood in it, so that's good. Then just watch her to make sure she doesnt have any other strange symptoms.

He also called it a Hematuria Ideopathic. Do you know what that means? It means "There's blood in the urine but I cant figure out what the problem is" basically..lol. Good lord they even have a term for that
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