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ChiChi's vet visit

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I would like to continue this discussion here (I think is where it should go) since the golden moments forum is closed now.

I'm leaving in an hour to take ChiChi to the vet.. I dont know why I'm so nervous. I guess I'm worried we wont be able to get her in the carrier. Its a one shot deal yknow.. we have one chance to do it because if we mess up she will KNOW what's going on and run and hide lol.

I hope she has no side effects from the shots or anything. It's just a routine visit since she hasnt been in a few years. I just hear bad things happening to cats sometimes after they get their shots.

Ugh wish me luck that we can even get her to the vet!!
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Well I'm back. I actually got ChiChi into the carrier without a fuss, I cant believe it! She was scared and meowed the whole way.. and was actually very docile at the vet.

We decided against the vaccinations.. well, because she is strictly indoors, never comes in contact with other cats, and has never bitten anyone in her whole life. So I'd rather not risk the chance of a sacoma from the vaccinations.

We did do a blood sample and urine sample which we'll find out tomorrow the results.

Her urine is a pinkish color I guess it could be a UTI. I'm kind of concerned about that but I guesss we'll wait to see what the vet has to say tomorrow.

She needs a teeth cleaning, but at her age I really dont want to put her under anesthesia.

I hope her bloodwork comes back ok.

Need good vibes please!!!

(Maybe this should go in the health forum now, not sure!)
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Well I just spoke to ChiChi's vet. He is very nice and very thorough. I wish my vet was this nice. He doesnt rush like most do. Anyway.. her bloodwork came back normal, everything looks fine so that's good. Her urine showed no signs of infection so I guess that's good, however she does have red blood cells in her urine. So.. he wants to do another urine sample. Because her bladder was very small when we were there. He mentioned possibly Systitus? I dont know what that is.. and whatever it is could even resolve on its own, which is why he wants to do another sample. But he said she is in very good condition for a cat her age.

We're going to try to get a urine sample on our own instead of traumatizing her taking her to the vet again. This should be interesting seeing as I have to instruct my mother how to do this since I dont live at home.
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Sicy glad you survived the vet visit with ChiChi I hope that all of the test come back negative. That is a scarey thing waitng for test to come back if you are like me you worry about what all might be wrong with her. Anywho keep us informed on ChiChi's progress.
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Hi Sicy! I saw Chi Chi's pics on the torties thread - she's pretty! Is she doing better?
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So how is she? Please keep us posted.
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My mom still hasnt been able to get the urine sample

She doesnt show any obvious sigs of discomfort or pain.. she is happy and playful and eats and uses the litterbox etc. Otherwise we wouldnt hesitate to take her straight back to the vet for another sample. The vet did say that there are no signs of infection and she is in good health but he just wanted another sample to try to figure out why she had a few red blood cells in her urine.

I'd really like to try to get the sample for another week at least before having to take her back to the vet. It is very very traumatic for her.. the whole car/vet process.
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Sicy, Maryanne told me a long time ago about using a specific kind of beans in the litter box (no litter in the box w/it though). Some how the beans doesn't absorb the urine and so you can get a sample that way. Maybe you could PM her and ask her about it. I'll do some digging around and see if I can find that thread.

Good luck!
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Well...that was a quick and easy search!
Here ya go:
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She has a littermaid litterbox.. we cant put beans in there.. And I'm not sure she would go pee in a new box with beans in it.. she's been used to litter for 14 years.

I'm going to tell my mom that she's just going to have to take her back to the vet if she cant get the sample this week. Then the vet says if we do that she'll have to stay there for most of the day so that they can get the sample. That really sucks for her.

I dunno what else could cause red blood cells in the urine if she doesnt have any infection and her blood tests came back good (liver, kidneys etc.. )
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Thanks for the thread Shell!
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Hey sicy....
I posted this some time ago
check it out...
i've turned pro at collecting urine samples from my cats...
you need a small little pie dish, the aluminium type and a lot of patience...

and a strong stomach...
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I think my cats would have me commited if I was to try to get a urine sample from them! LOL What an image
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oops a daisie... i didn't realise shell's search turned up my old post... the one i also searched for...
oh well
check that one out too if it does turn out to be UTI
i've had quite a bit of exerience with UTI's lately...

Bobbie's urine was a bit pink too...
After the blood cleared up, the vet said there wasn't much point putting her on antibiotics and that we would just have to use the special formula diet food... remember the one i was STRESSING about?
so she's on that now... but she's also on cranberry extract...
there's some info on that in this post...

i'm using the cranberry extract to keep her urinary tract acidic...
hope chi chi is okay soon...

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omg!! The lentil bean idea worked LMAO!!! I told my mom about it, I just said ok this is going to sound weird but try this! So she went out and got a shallow litterpan and some lentils and removed ChiChi's littermaid and put that box in its place. Well I guess she didnt go to the bathroom for almost a whole day cuz she didnt know what to think of that bean box lol.. so I told my mom to put one of her poops from the other box in the bean box and I guess she went pee this morning! My mom just got back from taking the sample to the vet. PHEW! I hope it goes ok. Should find out results tomorrow.

Thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!!

Suraya its not an infection (uti) vet already ruled that out!
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Yea, Chi Chi!

That lentil idea is great...have to write that down somewhere in case I ever need it.
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i bet i must sound like i'm obssessed with UTI's
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btw please send some good vibes that there isnt something seriously wrong with poor chichi!
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Good Vibes, & Hugs Coming all the way from Malaysia!!
Zooey Bobbie Mythie & Me....
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Best wishes for Chi Chi's good health!

BTW Suraya, anyone who's been through the UTI grinder understands...you have great advice! My poor little Sylvestra had to get her bladder "tapped" several times when she was younger; now she's terrified of the vet when she used to just purr & let the vet pet her while she got her shots...poor thing. I'm so glad you helped to save Chi Chi from that!
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I hope Ms. C C is okay...
Any updates Sicycat?
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Ok trying to get the information from my mom over instant message is enough to drive me insane.. lol.

Basically she said the vet said the first time he took the sample there was more 'red' in it .. this time it was lighter but there were some crystals in it?? He wants to put her on a special diet S/D with medication for a week or two then do another sample I guess he's not sure if its bladder related or kidney related or what.. but I dont know cuz he already ruled out infection, and that the blood tests showed the kidneys were fine so I have no idea what it could be.. anyone??!! This sucks.. but, at least she shows no signs of discomfort..

Arg it bugs me that he wants to put her on medication without even knowing for SURE what's wrong with her. I am telling my mom to find out what kind of medication exactly so I can do research. She's going to get the liquid form with a syringe. good luck getting any of it in ChiChi's mouth.
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Bobbie had crystals too, but the vet said it was nothing that diet couldn't control....

I read in another post... Hissy mentioned this place called http://www.cathelp-online.com maybe you can try to get some info from there?

but other wise she's okay right?

our cat's are on walthams s/o... to clear up crystals and stuff but then they definetly had a UTI... so a bit different you know...

oh well...

At least it's no too serious right?
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Thanks. I just talked to the vet myself. He said that there's definately no infection but that it could be the bladder or kidneys so we're going to try the perscription food and the medication.. (he told me what it was but omg I cant remember.. its such a long word something about steriods.. ) He said it COULD be FUS... I am going to read about that now. So we're supposed to give her the medicine and food for 2 weeks then bring in another sample. If there is still blood in the urine then he wants to do an ultrasound

*sigh* she seems fine.. I just hope whatever it is can be treated!
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So anyone have experience with FUS? Anyone??
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There are so many different causes Sicy...even crystals can be of different types.

Sylvestra had problems when she was younger - I had all the cats on Waltham's kidney diet because Macumba needed it and wouldn't eat enough of the Prescription diet K/D to keep weight on her. Poor Sylvestra got the "bladder stick" so many times. It turned out she had oxalate crystals and I had to feed her CD/o diet for awhile. I took everybody off the Waltham's and went back to K/D for Macumba, and CD/o for Sylvestra, and Science Diet for the others, what a chore! But then she cleared up quickly, and after a year or so without problems the vet let me switch Sylvestra back to regular Science diet & she hasn't had any problems since, thank goodness!

Kind of funny...The way I found out at first that Sylvestra was having trouble was that she told me! She walked up one day and squatted down right in front of me, then MEOWed at the top of her lungs and started trying to pee. I got the message & took her to the vet.

It's very important to control bladder & kidney infections, especially in older cats - I'm glad you're taking good care of Chi Chi. I hope she gets better soon.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
Kind of funny...The way I found out at first that Sylvestra was having trouble was that she told me! She walked up one day and squatted down right in front of me, then MEOWed at the top of her lungs and started trying to pee. I got the message & took her to the vet.

Wow!!!!!!!! What an awesome cat

Thanks.. yeah we'll see if this food and med. helps her..
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hope the diet helps!
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Hi Sicy,
Just wondering how sweet Chi Chi is doing today...
Hope she's getting better!
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Thanks! We wont know until we do another urine sample in another week. Surprisingly she's eating the S/D. My mom is putting the medicine in her wet food.
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