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A rant about peta.

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you know the more I read from peta the more I don't like them. Some of the things peta does is just so stupid I'm completly turned off by them. I am huge into animal rights but they just seem to waste so much money on stupid crap. They should be doing spay and neutar things and helping homeless pets if they are so worried about animals. I read somewhere that they wanted some state to change the name of the town from something like hamburger to veggie burger. COME ON!!
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I agree with you 100%. Just think of the ferals they could be savings with the amount of money they have to work with. Or helping to fund no-kill shelters. Or educating the public about their pets and the importance of spay/nuturing.
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I agree completely. They do stupid things like throwing fake blood on the CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken, just so they can get in the news, when they could be doing so much good for animals in a quieter, less newsworthy manner.

Why aren't they combing the streets of Denver looking for the cat killer, for example? Or picketing the offices of judges who give light or no sentences to animal abusers? There is sooo much that needs doing.
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Well, at one point PETA did support TNR, but that support was later revoked and now denied. From what I've read, it was most likely due to the fact that PETA believes that having a companion animal (cat or dog) is a form of animal abuse, and that all companion animals should be allowed to return to their wild state. In light of that, TNR programs would just be another instance of "abuse" against animals.
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so they are all for animals but they are not for giving them a nice safe life. That is such a laugh. Peta needs to get over themselves. they are not for animals they are for causing a big to do about nothing.
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Yup. I can see it now if pets were returned to the wild. There would be rampant FIV, FeLk, Distemper, Rabies, Parvo, not to mention starvation. Oh, and attacks by packs of wild dogs.
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I'm pretty sure that if I were to ask Onyx and Gibs if they wanted to be set free in the woods , they'd tell me their cushy couch potato life is just fine for them. They have all the love they can stand, full run of nearly every surface in the house, and food to eat whenever they want. Boy- am I abusive or what??

PETA sucks.
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It just makes no sense. They complain if cats get hurt because they are walking around in factories or if they get hit by a car. What do they think is goign to happen if tons of cats are running wild. They are going ot be sooooo many sick animals it will be just awful. I think peta really really needs to start thinking and all these damn superstars that support there craziness need to wake up too!
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I bet Onnie would also miss getting his pieces of lobster and venison if I set him free too Spoiled, spoiled kitties
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it's no secret as to my stand on PETA activists. their "information" is usually heavily exaggerated. last time i checked on their website, they were claiming that cattle production led to soil erosion. okay, you can get from point A to point B in that idealogy, but you have to travel through several other points to get there. their logic was quite flawed.

their argument was that by raising corn to feed cattle soil erosion was becoming a huge problem. for their data, they are ignoring that in most production agriculture, soil conservation has been in place for 10 -15 years. they also ignore that corn and soybeans can be used for other things, such as ethanol fuels, soydiesel, soy crayons... all very safety/environmentally supportive products.

they also claim that feeding children meat is a form of child abuse because it causes to obesity. contributes might be a better word. portion control contributes to obesity. man has been eating meat for more than 2000 years and obesity has become an epidemic in the last 100 years or less.

for saving animals from cruel conditions in testing facilities i commend them. for their weak attacks on the agricultural community... pfftt...
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I quite simply ignore PETA. The organization has gone beyond weird (shades of Michael Jackson), and I'm fed up with its publicity-seeking antics. I don't bother reading its statements anymore.
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I'd like to see someone from PETA go into my bedroom and find Buddy in the middle of my bed. They could preach to him about "penal servitude" and explain the glories of the "free life": dodging cars, stray dogs and intact male ferals, scrounging through garbage cans for his meals and drinking out of puddles. This is assuming that they could wake him up, for long enough to listen to them.
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The only reason I like PETA is because they stop animal slaughter for furs.... I would NEVER wear real fur anyway. Animals are for loving and not wearing.
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Please be aware that some of the "made in China" cat toys are real fur and possible cat or dog. Some countrys are even making fur coats that are from dogs.
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Originally posted by DragonLady
Please be aware that some of the "made in China" cat toys are real fur and possible cat or dog. Some countrys are even making fur coats that are from dogs.

Thats sick!! I am aware now
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when I was in highschool I was really good friends with our schools PETA representative, she was always passing out materials and getting on a soapbox--But she wasn't crazy! I think that PETA is way out of hand and that we should start a new animal protection society that looks out for the welfare of animals rather than wishing for a perfect world.
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