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Toilet Drinking

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My 9 month old kitten loves toilet water. For the past month, he rarely drinks from his normal water bowl, something which he would use regularly before. Is there a reason for this? I don't find it distressing, but I'm curious. I hope it's not bad for him, is it?
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Personally, I have never let any of my cats drink out of the toilet. The most important reason is because of the chemicals I use in cleaning the bowl, if there is any residue, I'm sure it can't be good for them. Second reason...it's just gross.

How do I stop them? The lids on our toilets are ALWAYS down. And this brought about another benefit, hubby never leaves the seat up!

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One of my cats used to do this so I started keeping the lids down also. Then they all moved to drinking from any dripping faucet!!! They wouldn't have anything to do with a water bowl and still won't. They want MOVING water. I have to use one of those little fountains and they are in heaven now!
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Eww!! I can't stand it when my cats try to do that! I almost always keep the lid down and my fiance is pretty good about that also. But my cat Chloe loves fresh water and food. She wants me to leave the faucet dripping for her and when I run my bath water, she jumps on the side of the tub, daintily cups her paw and drinks it. She's almost too cute to tell her "no." :witch:
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They do it because it's fresh & cold. My little girl has trained me out of her drinking from the toilet. Yes, I said that right! She has gotten me to jump everytime I hear her cry from the bathroom... she wants the faucet on so she can have her water! I, too, am going to buy one of those fountains for the cats, I think it will save me some running time! The only thing I can suggest (if you would like him to stop) is make sure there is fresh water down at all times. My boys are very messy, so their food usually ends up in their water no matter how far away I leave them apart! The other thing that I found is ice.... throw a couple ice cubes in the fresh water. It works for Serena, she'll take ice water over the faucet any day!
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My boys, Hardy and Homer, love to jump into the tub after I've showered and lick up the droplets...bizarre, I guess, but harmless. They also drink out of their water bowl, so I'm not too concerned. Cats sure do some wacky things. I'm constantly amused by them.
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my cats drinkout of the toilet alot too. i figured it was because its cold. but i was wondering the same thing. is this seriously unhealthy for them?
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At least one of my kitties always used to drink out of the toilet, whenever we forgot to close the toilet seat, but now the hwole family does it subconciously closing, and for guest sna deverything, I taped on a colorful, silly sign on the toilet that requests all to close the toilet.

Don't let your kitties drink out of it. First of un-hygene. Second, besides the dirtiness, whenver you do the regular cleaning, the detergent liquid can be poisonous! So, make sure to always close.

And i suggest that you have little bowls of water all over the house. (and outside in different parts of lawns so they wn't dehydrate)

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