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Debby where are you?

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When ever I go to click the "Make free donations for animal rescue" button, there is your sweet face reminding me that you have been gone from us.

I see you posted just yesterday...I haven't seen it though. I'll keep looking for you, and hope to see you soon!

I hope everything is well with your family and friends. I'm sending cyber hugs to you and your little one!
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I second that, Teresa. We miss you, Debby!
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Me too! Come back Debby, we miss you!!!
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Me too,I miss you!! Come back to us sweet debby,come back!!!!!!!
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You already know how I feel about you Sis! Miss you like the dickens!
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Me too, me too!!! I miss you as well!
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me too me too! I miss you like the blazes! come back to us! I need your sweet posts to help brighten my days!
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Debby, I agree!!!!!! I think about you and Amber all the time and keep you in my prayers. We love you!!!!

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Debby, I miss you along with everyone else. I hope you are doing well, and I would LOOOVE to see pictures of Amber. *HUGS* Girl, we love ya.
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I don't really know you Debby, But I know how much you cared about your lil man...

Please come back, I can see everyone loves you! You are a very special person

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Hey Deb come on home ........
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