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Hello there!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Kate and I've just joined this forum. At last count, I have five cats that I'm looking after of which two are at my place and the rest are staying in the areas of my apartment. The two staying with me are meow meow and boy boy. They are strays which I have picked up and they are growing fat now!! the three others are patchy, boy and girl. Boy and Girl are siblings and are very protective of each other. Looking at them really makes me so happy!!
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Hi Kate and welcome! I know you will learn a lot about cats here. Keep us posted about your kitties and post pictures! We love kitty pix!
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Welcome to the site Kate! Watching my kitties makes me smile too. Bless you for taking in and caring for the strays in your apartment. We've all read about the horrible ways that are the policy to rid Singapore of the stray cats, and that it's people like you who give these cats a chance at life. Thank you!
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Welcome to the site!!! It is always good to hear of people taking in and caring for cats that are usually easily disposed of due to whatever circumstances, can't imagine this being done to humans!

You will love this site and be addicted as I am though I can't frequent as much as I want to due to a busy crawly walking baby!

Hey to those from texas also!!! I reside in native austin *deep in the heart of texas!*

Sincerely Jellybelly's slave and mom to one son,
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welcome to the board!!
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hello everyone,

thanks for the warm welcome. i am already enjoying the forum and starting to feel addicted!
In Singapore, we do have a whole lot of policies regarding stray dogs and cats.However, we do have a whole bunch of ppl out there trying to help those poor fellas. We have a huge population of stray cats and around my apartment, we have as many as 30 strays around. People staying around my area has been helping to feed the strays and bringing them for neutering so as to bring the population down. What I have done for my five fellas are really little compared to what those residents have done for the strays.
Recently due to the outbreak of SARS in Singapore, the government have start putting stray cats to sleep. they would capture them using nets and bring them back to the headquarters and put them to sleep. A lot of negative response came from the cat welfare society here and we see more ppl trying to get landed property to house those poor fellas on the streets. i admire their courage and their passion for cats. i put them in my prayers everyday hoping that their efforts would not go down the drain and their road in helping these poor strays would be easier. pls pray for them too..
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Hi Kate.

I'm sure you will get hoplessly addicted( ) like the rest of us here, check out my post count or for a even bigger shock Hissy's (MA) , You sound like a wonderful kitty meowm and I look forward to getting to know you and the kitties

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Welcome Kateang , I am glad you join here and be a part with us . I am so sorry with all your Stray cats , that make me sad . Maybe if a lot of people cry out for all the stray something will be done .
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welcome to the board, and yes it is additive so sad to hear about those poor little kitties, hope someone helps them soon.
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WElcome Kate! Glad you're here!
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Your cats should be so nice! But where are their pics?
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