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What makes you feel like a million bucks, but rarely happens?

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Yesterday there was a post about what were the most uplifting moments in movies. I couldn't seem to think of anything myself, although I agreed with some of the comments. Today I had an uplifting experience that was uncommon for me though.

I haven't played ball in 17 years, so this year I joined a softball team. I just wanted to relive the feel of hitting the ball again, (my favourite part) and meet some new people. It's taken awhile to get my batting up to par again, but today I made a break and hit a grand slam home run! Naturally, I have other more important people and things I love in life, but everyone on the team got off the bench, lined up and slapped my hand after I crossed home plate. I feel like a million bucks!

It's almost as good a feeling like the kind of moment when you find out that some hot babe you're attracted to has a crush on you, but you thought she'd never be interested. What rare occasions do you feel a rush that you'll never forget? It guess it could be anything: like when something really good happenes to someone you love, something you experience on your own, or with others.
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For me it would be a ME day. I have six children and having time just for me is rare. Even a massage would be wonderful.
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My grandchildern saying I love you
whole bunches!
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Six children!!! AHHHH!!! I really feel bad for you!!! I have my first and only thus far son, who is 9 months now. I would feel like a million bucks if for once I could take a nice slow bubble bath and have my husband massage my flat cranky feet! That would be nice and I could drink a cup of coffee slowly while reading my fav magazines! Ummmmhmmmm

Teresa, does it get any easier when you have additional children? Or is it just more headache and frustruations? I would like to have more but we will wait till the first is a little bit older.
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i'm not telling

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Getting an hour-long professional massage.
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Getting dressed and finding a little more room in the clothes than there usually is! (Unfortunately, I think the clothes are stretching, I don;t think it's me losing weight! )
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Finding clothes that I have not worn in years still fit!!!
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Finding $20 in last summers jacket pocket.

You finally get the nerve to buy yourself a bathing suit and you shop from store to store to find that they all suck. Then you go to a general store (The Bay) and find a real nice bathing suit that fits you just great and is in your price range. THEN you get to the till and find out it's $10 off!
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I love to have a sauna, then go swimming and finally dry your hair by the fireplace. Nothing is more relaxing. Every tenseness you have is totally disolved and you find yourself growing sleepier and sleepier until finally snzzzzzzzzz.
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Sitting on the floor at my Grandma's house in front of a fireplace with the wonderful smell of cedar logs burning, drying off from a hot shower on a cold night after spending the whole day hiking in the mountains, smelling the pinon trees, feeling very tired but SO happy!

It's been way too long....but I know where I'm going this fall!
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When someone actually takes care of me, not me taking care of everything for them. Wouldn't that be nice?
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A client telling me they appreciate me at work. (rarely happens)

Management telling me they appreciate me at work (also rarely happens).

Hubby saying thank you for something that I do, that I don't expect thanks for.
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Definitely a one hour DEEP tissue massage....
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Having Paul Stanley tell me that my artwork is JUST BEAUTIFUL, and knowing he really means it!
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Hey, did that really happen? If! Cool!

Hmmm....I'd have to say a night alone with hubby at our cabin- it rarely happens, but its so much fun, and so relaxing :rainbow:
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Originally posted by Tybalt
Horseback riding, SCUBA diving and sex.
sue I think he is trying to tell you something
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with a certain male friend of mine and riding on his Harley-Davidson! I wish I could ride with him every weekend!
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Seeing my grandchildren and that they remember me. I haven't seen them in 2 years because they are 1800 miles away and they are small so I will probably have to reintorduce myself with them.
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-Interesting range of answers. It sounds like there are a few recurring themes including simple thoughtfulness on the part of someone else.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
Having Paul Stanley tell me that my artwork is JUST BEAUTIFUL, and knowing he really means it!
How cool!!
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having my s/o actually do something around the house without me having to tell him over and over again.
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