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How did you guess? I have that very dress hanging in my closet!

I note, once more, your unauthorized use of the


Don't you worry. This quiz seems to reveal the exact opposite that you really are.
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I am a Moggie

This test pretty much hit me right on the mark. Thanks for
sharing it this site.
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Abyssinian too!!! :clown:
I laughed to tears!!!
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Does anybody need a marching band for a parade? If so, just call me. Don't forget to watch me in the fourth of July parade. My marching band is called The Moggies. I believe we'll be marching along Manhattan and we are colored gray and white. All the instruments and flags will have a picture of the cats. All you homecoming queens, student body officers, and class clown can join our parade.
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Well heck!
Like Debby, I read the entire thread and said to myself "Self" I said, "you cannot be a Persian too!"...I went off on my merry little way and took the test. 5 minutes later a crown was placed on my vain, freshly coifed head, and another Queen was crowned!
At least I'm in good company!

Oh yeah, those of you who are red X's...so was I until I hit the "Refresh" button...the pic came up right away after that.

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I will be glad to put on my walking shoes and march in the moggie band! :tounge2:
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Nena 10, even though I'm supposedly a Bengal cat I'd feel much more at home amongst the "moggies" (though I'd never heard that term prior to taking the cat test). So, count me in as a parading person!

Pretty Kitty, I love your avatar. Now, that's parading!


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Thanks Mr. Cat

Glad you like my avatar. I am thankful they have so many we can pick from. It does kinda fit parading. LOL :laughing:
So Mr. Cat even though you are a bengal are you sure you want to parade with us moggies? LOL, the more the merrier. Can I march next to you? Look out Manhatten here we come holding our kitty flags, marching proudly.
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I would be honored to march next to you! Yes, I totally relate to the "moggies." All my feline friends have been domestic short-hair people (with two exceptions who were long-hair).


I've a little buddy who will keep an eye on Samantha (my computer system) while we're in New York.

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I was a Bengal...imagine that.
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