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Fun Quiz: What kind of cat are you?

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I found this quiz on another site. You answer a few questions and it tells you what breed of cat you would be if you were reincarnated as a cat. I thought it was fun so wanted to share it with you all. I'm a persian. I never saw myself as a persian though. Okay so take the test, here's the link http://cats.about.com/pets/cats/libr.../aa012901a.htm
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Hmm, I was a BIG RED X! The photo of the cat I would be does not show up.
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Hah! I was a Persian! I fell off my chair laughing at the part that said I was Homecoming Queen. Can I sue that site for my injuries?
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I thought that was funny too, I didn't even go to our school Homecoming. I also don't see myself as vain either. :flash:
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Apparently I'm "stable and well-adjusted", as opposed to what is really the case.:disturbed

This will be news to my psychiatrist, whose reaction will likely be :LOL: .
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How in the heck are we all persians???? Me too!!!!!!!!!!
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*high fives alexnell*
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I'm a Persian.
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Guess What?? I am a Persian too!!!
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It turns out I am a Persian. I never would have thought that. As I am quite active and busy. Persians I thought were rather laid back and liked to kind of lay around. That was neat , I had fun with it.
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I'm a persian as well.....Deb25, I also fell off the chair at the 'homecoming queen' part. I don't think the homecoming queen even knew my name!
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Wow! I ended up being an Abyssinian!
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Alot of persians in this group. Me too!
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I am a Moggie too. I had to laugh also when they said I was the leader of the marching band in high school and that I was class president. Yea right!!!!
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One thing's for sure, there are too way too many homecoming queens around here! I am still in tears over that one. I couldn't have been elected homecoming queen if I had bought the election. What a riot! I take about every one of those personality quizzes I can get my hands on. I've never seen one so off the mark.
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I'm a persian too!!!!!! I had a feelibg I would be...but the Homecoming Queen was quite a shock. well, ya never know, I've still got 3 years of high school left...
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It's great to be amongst all you homecoming queens! How cool is that? According to my new feline identity I was either captain of my high school swim team or student-body president.

Well, my high school was the smallest such institution in the city of Miami and we didn't have a swim team. I did, however, "start" for our school's first-ever soccer team. I can't remember who the captain was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't me.

As for student-body president . . . I was speechless in high school (except in speech class) and never so much as entertained the thought of standing for political office — not that there's anything political for student-body officers to actually do once they're elected.

Nevertheless, I do like being a Bengal cat! I feel closer to our tiger friends now. On weekends during the 1980s, I worked with the senior feline keeper at what was then called the Washington Park Zoo. One of the inmates was a Siberian tiger named Nuri.

Nuri was an older guy and he was also quite friendly. When the keepers weren't looking I'd pet him, just a little. In response he'd rub the side of his face against the bars of his indoor home — as opposed to his outdoor (exhibit) home — and he'd make that noise big cats make in place of purring, which (except for cheetahs) they can't do.

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I did the quiz and I am a Bengal....self-assured and fearless(???) well maybe sometimes.....they did get one thing right I was on the swim team in school:tounge2:
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Yes we do!

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As a representative of the Persian group, I respectfully request you do NOT use the smilie with the crown. It is enough that all of us homecoming queens have to share it.

Does student body president have power over homecoming queen? What is the exact politcal structure here? Are we Great Britain?

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Since homecoming queens are royalty, maybe you could use this emoticon:

Maybe we Bengals will use this emoticon:

During affairs of state, perhaps we could all share this emoticon:

It's just an


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what a cowinkidink I own a Bengal. I guess like attract like...
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I am a big red X too!
What does all that mean? Do we really exist??????
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I clearly think that all "royalty" smilies should be reserved for those of us designated as homecoming kings and queens.

At this point, that would include:
and the ever popular :egypt:

Those of you not fortunate enough to be a part of the monarchy should realize by now that it is something we are born into, although we do recognize the contributions that the remainder of you make to society.
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Does Air Princess have royal seniority amongst all you homecoming queens due to her user name as well as her feline profile?

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Well gee, Joe, I'm not sure. Are you more of a gentleman than MeowMan because you have Mr. in your user name?

We royals will have to hash out a pecking order :chicken: and get back to you on that one.

In the meantime, the appropriate bowing and scraping will suffice.

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Official regalia for The Cat Site's home-coming queens revealed!

I hope you like it!

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Oh you guys....this was great!!!
I read this entire thread before I went to take the test...and said to myself...well, there's no way in heck I'll be a persian. WRONG!!!
That's what it says I am!! :laughing:
Homecoming queen my butt!!! I was overweight, unpopular, and wore great big glasses. I swear to god!!!! How funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Myabe I should copy this and send it out to all my x-classmates, so they too can get a good laugh!!!!

Well, deb...as our representative....I think you are doing a fine job!!! (us Persians need a good leader.... thanks.... )
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You guys, I feel so left out!! I didn't even make Homecoming Court!! I'm the friggen' CLASS CLOWN!! :clown:
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Yes but we ALL need someone to make us laugh!!! (To take everyones mind off of the fat kid with glasses....(me) )

Class clowns rule!!!!!!! :laughing:
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