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Reheating wet food in microwave...

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I do this for around 10 seconds just to take the chill off, and my question is for anyone else that does this:

Have you ever noticed sparking within the food? Not constant, and not every time; just the odd pop/flash. I did a google search, and there are others that have noticed it - one person chalking it up to minerals in the food - but no definitive answers.

For the record, it's Pro Plan kitten food; decent stuff, I would suspect.

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I never reheat in micro for any amount of time. I did that a few times and the cats would not touch the food. I mix chilled food with hot water and stir it up and they eat it right down.

You have to test the temps of micro canned food for any hot spots that would burn their tongue.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I never reheat in micro for any amount of time. I did that a few times and the cats would not touch the food. I mix chilled food with hot water and stir it up and they eat it right down.
That's a good idea; plus, any extra water in their diet can only be a good thing. After my Tiko had a UTI, I'm now obsessive about all of them getting enough water.
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I never reheat my canned food. I make sure they have enough at their morning feeding that I don't have to put any away.. Of course with 6 cats you can do that. If I tried to give my spoiled ones food out of the fridge and it wasn't lunch meat, they'd never touch it...
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You do realize that the very way a microwave heats food makes it pop like that, right? That's why whenever you heat anything up in the microwave you either use a cover for the dish, a piece of paper towel, or wax paper. Otherwise you get little bits of food all over inside the microwave. Cat food is no different.

I'll heat Sherman's C/D up sometimes. I then add water to it, stir it, and set it aside because I have 6 other cats' dishes to make up. I don't think microwaving makes any difference with C/D.... it's gross to begin with.
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I used to warm cat food up in the microwave until I read someone's post here that they added warm water to their food instead. I liked that idea better so that's what I do now. I can control the temp. better since my microwave isn't the greatest
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I also heat food with hot water. (don't own a microwave) I add the water to Jennie's food, Tolly doesn't tolerate water added to his food but I first heat the dish by running hot water over it, then put his food in the hot dish and stir until the food absorbs the heat. If his food is cold from the fridge, it gets an additional few minutes in a hot bath, meaning the dish of food sits in another dish of hot water to warm up.

I've been heating their food this way since 1984. The reason I remember the date is because I had just recently moved from Texas to Albany NY. My youngest sister was at my house watching me feed my cats (Baby and Sissy, then). She watched me chop up the chunks in their canned food and said jokingly "my goodness, I'm surprised you don't warm it up for them too". I thought she had a good idea, disregarding her sarcasm (she had not yet had pets of her own at that time) and have been doing it ever since.
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If its pate i heat with warm water. If its a gravy kind i heat in micro for about 8-9 seconds and do the whole stir and blow thing. Neko likes it either way
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One other thing (if you own dogs too). The juice from warming the canned food up with hot water is added to the dog's food - she doesn't get the actual cat food, but only the flavor in the juice
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We normally do a warm water bath to heat up food. We use the small square Ziploc or Glad disposable plastic dishes, and fill with about 1/4" or so of water. Warm for 2 minutes in the micro. While this is heating, we mash up the cat food and add a touch of water to the food, then plop the bowl into the water bath for about a minute or two. Remove, wipe off the bottom of the bowl and serve. The kitties LOVE it!

If we're using a small saucer, I let the tap run til it's quite hot, using it to rinse any dishes that might be in the sink and any previously used cat food dishes. Mix in a couple of teaspoons of hot water, then stir and serve.
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I warm up chilled wet food in the microwave all the time. Just 5-10 seconds, depending on how much food there is. I have never seen any sparks or "flashes" doing this. That can happen if there is anything metal in the microwave, though. You don't put the can in there, do you? Probably not, but I thought I should ask.

I've tried the warm water trick, but my picky cats won't eat it with any amount of water added.
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