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Newbie Mom of 12+ from Kansas City

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I'm the mom of many cats: Shep (15 year grey/white female), Bogart (12 year grey male), Stumpy (8 year Red Tabby male, yes, half a tail), Tigger (6 year old brown tabby male), Eight-Ball (Tigger's litter mate, you guessed it, black/white male), Bob Marley (5 year old red tabby male), Pinky (3 year 18 pound red tabby male), Ruby (Pinky's litter mate, red tabby male), Scarlett (2 year old petite, cute, perfect in every way red tabby female), Morrison (10 month old red tabby male), Muddy Waters (12 week old black male), Koko Taylor (Muddy's litter mate, black female).

Oh yeah, then there are the barn cats (age undeterminable)....they just show up for food every day and we catch them when we can and have them neutered/vaccinated: Cross-eyed Larry, Indiana Joan, Blackie, Mom-cat (mother of most of the above mentioned red tabbies and grandmother to Scarlett, Muddy and Koko), and her current litter of red tabbies/calicos......

All of my cats except Bogart are rescues - abandoned strays or born by the ferals. I've nursed Scarlett and her litter mates from 3 weeks old and nursed Muddy/Koko and their brothers (Jake and Elwood now adopted to our best friends) from 10 days old, when their mom's were unfortunate to disappear (probably coyotes or neighborhood dogs).

Yes, I live in the country and have room for LOTs of feline critters.
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a home full of furry loves. Good for you to be taking care of your feral cats too with your own TNR program.
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Welcome! I know you will quickly become part of our family here!
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Welcome to you and your gang, from me and mine!
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Mom of 15 cats?!?!?!? And I thought I was bad!

Way to go girl!!!!

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I love your username

WELCOME You sound like my kinda girl

CATS ROCK and they know it

Have Fun here hun

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Welcome on board . I also have 15 indoors cat and 5 outdoors cat
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HI. Welcome.
I have 13 strictly indoor cats, all rescues/adoptions. And at the moment 1 adult and 2 kitten fosters.
p.s. Indiana Joan.........great name!!!
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I have ten kitties inside right now and two outside. Snowwhite will be going back out after she gets fixed, and we are still up in the air on weither or not we are keeping bonnie, a kitty we are taking care of. You can see pics of all my kitties (except bonnie )in my siggie Ashton and lilly are the outside ones,everyone else is in. Nimbus, stormy, and blizzy are snowwhites babies, ashton and lilly are snowwhite babies, neo and moemoe we found in the woods when they were just babies, and granet and marble were found at a tile ware house. Snowwhite raised them for me Sebastian my vet gave to us
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Hi! I lived in South Kansas City for awhile, I loved it. They dragged me back to Geoprgia kicking and screaming. Welcome to TCS.
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Hi there and welcome to the board, sounds like you have alot of fury children, arent they just great
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Welcome! How wonderful you are able to help all those lovely fur babies! You are a hero!
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Welcome! You are really great person!
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Hey momo check your pm's!
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