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Leave bobcats alone!

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From my evening news: On Friday, a man heard an animal crying and investigated. He found an 8-week-old bobcat kitten and, rather than leaving it for its mother to reclaim or calling Fish & Wildlife, he took it home.

First of all, it is illegal to remove an animal from the wild. Secondly, the kitten, being wild, proceeded to trash and shred the man's apartment. Today, he decided that it would be a good idea to call Fish & Wildlife AND Channel 9 News.

The bobcat scooted through a narrow slot, in the kitchen and holed up behind the dishwasher. He would periodically poke his head out but resisted all attempts to capture him. He assiduously avoided the cat trap.

They put out raw hamburger and milk (which the guy had been feeding it). The kitten darted out and snagged the burger. They tried to block the hidey-hole with a broom but, Bobby was too fast.

It was decided to lay a trail of beef bits and lure him far enough into the room, to snatch him. Success, at last! Little Bobby is on his way to a LICENSED wildlife rehabilitator, the idiot who brought him home is cleaning up his apartment, Fish & Wildlife are comtemplating citations and Channel 9 News got the whole escapade on tape.

Naturally, Bill and I did our share of oohing and ahing, at the cute little bobcat, while deploring the idiocy of someone who would bring a wild animal, armed with sharp teeth and claws, home. Hopefully, tomorrow's paper will have picture, that I can link or post.
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Wow you would think that a person would know better than to take a wild animal into their home like that. I can just picture the baby bobkitty trashing the whole house
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Bobcat 10 points
Human 0
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Now, I'm PO'd. Because the bobcat bit the idiot, it had to be euthanized, to test it for rabies. I'm almost hoping that the tests are positive, so that the numbskull will have to get rabies shots.

Unfortunately, the only way to test for rabies, is to euthanize the animal and examine the brain. I'm heartsick that this cute little critter had to die because someone was stupid enough to not leave well enough alone.
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oh s**t! I hope it is also! That dumb,dumb person!
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