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I wish they could figure it out...

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It's been over a year that I've had a specific health problem. Since June of last year, my digestion is very touchy, and I often have... um... water absorption problems. I saw my family doctor, she had some tests run, and couldn't find anything, so she sent me to a gastroenterologist. More tests and everything normal again. He made a guess that it was IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) since I had lost weight and not been able to gain again (I'm actually underweight for my height and age... about 105 lbs), the water retention thing, low energy and hair loss. I went to see an endocrinologist (my mom thinks it might be Addison's disease, since my symptoms are the same as the ones my uncle had when he was diagnosed with AD), had MORE tests done, and have not heard from the doctor's office with the results. It looks like I have a certain amount of lactose intolerance too... need good health vibes, please. Going to call the doc. tomorrow.
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Loads of good vibe's coming from NY
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You got all the good health vibes I can send you. I do hope that your health improves. Feel better soon. Good luck to you when you call your doctor tomorrow.

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Good vibes coming from me!

Mega Hugs!
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the wonderful world of IBS. I live on imdioum (spelling??) It is the ONLY thing that works for me. I have been on sooooo many different meds it's not even funny. For some reason though my weight doesn't go down at all and I would really like to lose a few pounds.

Good luck with your doc and hope they can fix your tummy problems.
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That is so frustrating when they can't figure out what is going on. Been there, done that! I truly empathize with you and am sending good thoughts/prayers your way.
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Positive thoughts for good health and a helpful doctor.
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I wish you the best of luck Hon! Sending lots of good vibes your way! BTW, have you tried add fiber to your diet? My Pharmacist recommends people with IBS to take FiberCon or something along that line. He said it's one of those products that help bulk your stools up if needed, but it also is a laxative if you're bound up. I honestly don't know if it works since I've never such a problem. I do with you the best and hope you get good results!
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I have colitis, they give me asacol. I take it when things flare up. It is wonderful. Ad fiber to your diet, also canned pumpkin ( no spices added) really helps for the fiber. Good health vibes coming your way!
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hope the figure out what it is... what are your symptoms?
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sending good health ((((vibes))) your way
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Fiber made mine worse. I would try it one a weekend for sure.
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