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severe jealosy over kitten & Peanut update

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For those of you following Peanut's story, he is feeling much better! He has gained weight, is eating normally in fact with an increased appetite, drinking plenty of water, using litterbox great, normal activity, BUT, he is very jealous over my kitten, Balki!

Peanut has always been a grumbly cat. I should have named him Oscar the grouch. Although he is super affectionate to me and my husband, and even will lick your face like a dog, in general he is just grouchy. Not aggresive, he has never bitten, but, he hates to be held, and pitches a fit during nail trims, basically he is all talk, and no show. He doesn't seem to like other cats very much either. He would be best as an only cat, but that isn't an option, I have 3 others!

I got Balki in mid April. Peanut hates him! He will not try to hurt him, but if Balki is even within Peanut's field of vision, he growls, hisses, and if approached, he will swat at him (no claws)then run away hissing with his tail tucked, EVERY TIME! They are not fighting at all, he is not being aggressive, or pursuing him in any way, I just simply think he is insanely jealous. I try and try to smother Peanut with affection, even locking Balki up for private Peanut time, but he just won't relax around Balki.

Any suggestions?
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hey kris,

I had that same problem when my older cat meow meow saw boy boy. She simply hated him and refused to touch anything that he touched or sniffed. She would always hiss and be so negative towards him. The same way peanut is to balki...to me i guess it's normal...they don't see eye to eye when they first meet...give peanut some time...i'm sure they will turn out fine.right now, meow meow and boy boy are sleeping together and eating from the same food dish. they are real buddies now and would even get into trouble together!! it just takes time, for meow meow, it just took abt a week or so. I bet peanut would accept balki too...just be patient...
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Try this...


I think I've also seen Hissy suggest putting a drop of vanilla extract under each cat's chin and on the cat's back at the very base of the tail so they'll smell the same.
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