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have a question ...

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I have a few round patches on me that are red and flakey, in the shap of an oval When I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for something else, I showed her and she thought it was ring worm, so she said I could buy tenactin, which it has been slowly going away. Now how would I know if my cats have it? They are indoor only cats. Where would have I gotten it from?
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Hi, I had a similar problem a couple of years back.My doctor did say that it resembled ring worm but was called Pitoriasis Rosea. Sounds exactly like what you are describing. Basically the Dr. said that it has to do with stress levels in your body. He gave me an itch medicine and said 6 to 8 weeks before it is gone. If this is the same thing you are experiencing it should have nothing to do with your cats, or have any effect on them. Which is a good thing. If you are feeling Stressed, Petting your cats more might help. If you want any more info, let me know. Hope this helps !!!
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If you have a black light Tigger stand underneath it, it it glows it is ringworm. BTW ringworm is not just transmitted from cat to human you can pick it up from infected people or by touching a surface contaminated with it already.
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Do you do the same for the cats? SHine the black light over them, too ..
This ring thing that I have.. It does not itch, either.
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yep that is how the vet knows it is ringworm.
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i have never had ring worm, but now i know how to look for it if i do, thanks hissy, and btw, i hope that place goes away, and you get all better
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