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Please pray for my friends daughter...

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I just got word that one of my friends at work lost her twin grand daughters. Her daughter Candi was due this Saturday with identical twin girls. Unfortunately when they did an ultrasound yesterday, there wasn't any heart beats. They ran lots of tests and they found that Candi has a tumor inside her uterus the size of a basketball. After running those tests, they also found that the babies had passed at least 2 months ago. Apparently, her Doctor "thought" they heard heartbeats during all the visits but it was actually blood being pumped into the tumor. The entire family is devasated and very much heartbroken. Right now, they are coming to terms with losing the twins but are trying to prepare for her surgery. Since Candi is very obsese (almost 400 pounds!) and has many health problems, the surgery to remove the tumor is very tricky. Candi may not make it through this surgery, but it is absolutely necessary. I just pray that she makes it through surgery ok. She's got a little boy who is almost 9 and is everything to her.
Please send prayers or good vibes to her and her family. It's very unfortunate that she's lost the twins...her family can't bear to lose her too.
Thank you.
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Wow, what a tough situation. Sending good thoughts to Candi and her family.
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OMG, this is soooo sad!!! I hope Candi will make it through surgery. Special thoughts and prayers going to her and her entire family!
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OMG Lots of prayer's coming from Ted &I !! Ted is going to start a pray chain!!
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Your friend and her family are in my prayers tonight. I am so sorry to hear about their loss of the twins.
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Oh no!
Prayers coming from my end to Candi!
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Oh Shell, I'm so sorry about your friends situation. That is so rough. Please let us know how she does. I'll be thinking and praying for her.
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Thank you all so much. My friend Diane (Candi's mom) is devastated right now. She'll be so happy when I tell her about this tomorrow. I really feel for her. She's only lived here for less than a year and doesn't know many people. So, she really doesn't have many people to turn to when things like this happen. I'm so glad that I've become friends with her. She is truly a sweet woman. She'll be overjoyed when I tell her that my TCS friends are praying for Candi. Bless you all!
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More positive thoughts for your friend and her family. I hope everything goes well with the surgery.
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Wow... the poor girl. I'll be keeping her and her family in my thoughts.
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Oh No!!! My thoughts and prayers are coming Candi's way.
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Cyber hugs coming from California. They are all in my thoughts and prayers.
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Shell, I'm still sending thoughts and prayers and I was wondering when Candi is scheduled for surgery?
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i will say a prayer for candi and her family, and i am so sorry that things went wrong for her
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shell any new's?
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Thank you all so much for the support, prayers, vibes and good thoughts. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to Diane today. She's run herself ragged and is now down with a bad cold. Just what she needed, huh? When I talked to her last night, she said they're going to a Specialist tomorrow. They will examine her and they may decide to do the surgery right then. It just depends on how serious this is and how life threatening it is also. I'll definitely keep you all informed on what is happening with Candi.
Thank you once again. What wonderful people you all are!
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Prayers from here too. God will help her through.
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I'm so sorry to hear about her losses. This is indeed a terrible tragedy and one that will take a lot of healing. I know when I lost my first two, it was very tough also and then I thought well they are in heaven, I do believe that babies go to heaven so that made it easier for me to accept. Definitely mine and my families prayers are with her and anyone else that suffered such tragedy. Another cyber hug to her. Keep us up to date on her condition and how the surgery went, etc.
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I pray for her and her family. I sincerly hope everything turns out for her!

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Oh..My This is so sad

Sending *prayers* and all my love!

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How terribly sad for them. Its always such a tragedy to lose a baby, and losing twins is even harder I imagine!

I hope the surgery goes well and she is able to recover quickly.
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I will add her to my prayers
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