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Non-cat question

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I got stung by a bee on the leg on Sunday. It really didn't hurt that much and I didn't think anything of it.

Yesterday and today, the sting area is red and puffy, the main sting is a bump in the center, and there is some bumpiness around it for like 1.5 inches.

The odd thing is that the red area is in the distinct shape of an 'x'. Is that odd? Should I be worried?

It is itchy.
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Can you tell if the stinger is still in? I would go to the doctor to get it checked out.
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I can't see any stinger, but I am overweight and it is hard to bend my leg up that far to see!! LOL!

I will have to ask my husband to look!
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Hmm. The x shape is worrisome, not that I have any medical knowledge at all. But that sounds like a bit of infection, and being carried by blood. Can you have it checked out?

In the meantime, if it is an allergic reaction, a dose of benadryl won't do any harm. Just be sure to tell a doctor if you do take anything.

My rule is usually if the redness is local, and goes down quickly or predictably, don't worry. If it spreads, that means that there may be something more serious going on, like a bacterial infection.
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Expect the swelling at the sting site to peak at 48 to 72 hours after the sting and to resolve in 3 to seven days, with stings on the face, hands or feet taking more time than stings elsewhere. For multiple bites or excessive itching, an oral antihistamine, such as Benadryl should help!

Feel better soon
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Just have a doctor look at it and see what he/she says...That would be your best bet...Good Luck and I hope it isn't anything bad..
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Sounds like the start of an infection. You should go to the doctors or at least call them and ask them about it.
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Hi All,

Thanks for the responses. Seems like the swelling, etc., should go down by tomorrow (48 - 72 hours). I am going to watch it until then.

It's not really a 'huge' 'x', moreso a rounded area that has the characterstics of an X.
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The danger sign (indicating possible infection) is the red area extending in streaks or lines. If that happens, at all, please go to emergency. That could mean an infection and could spread quickly, and could be dangerous. You can't fool around with this sort of thing.

I am not allergic to bee stings, but I sure keep the antiseptic on hand for bacteria.
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Hi Sammie5

I see no red streaks or anything like that. Thanks!
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I think you should go straight to the vet ... oops... i mean the doctor you should get it checked out.
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If the stinger is still in there, DO NOT pick at it, to get it out. The poison sac may still be intact. Put a piece of Scotch tape over it and gently peel it off. This will remove the stinger, without rupturing the poison sac.
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I feel kind of silly raising such concern over a little bee bite. I think I made it sound worse than it really is. I am sure it will be improving by morning -- and I don't think the stinger is still there and there are no red lines, etc.....
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So sorry to hear that this has happened.

I remember when I was about 7 or 8, I got stung and the stinger was sinking fast into my foot, so I yanked it out but squeezed all the venom! Yowzaaas!!! My foot swelled up like a football!!!

My favorite to get stung by (just kidding) are the yellowjackets, usually during the summertime, they swell up and then go down, easy to deal with after taking a Benadryl.

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