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A couple of problems

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I had 2 cats, the oldest 15+, Krissy and the younger one almost 8, Buffy. They tolerated each other but didn't really play together or anything. Well we had to put Krissy to sleep, she developed several illnesses it was the worst day of my life! Anyway about a week or so later my husband adopted another cat for me, Lexy 1 yr. She was so sweet and loving but scared of Buffy cause Buffy hissed at her and chased her under the bed and would stalk her, slowly Lexy started to venture out to other places in the house with caution. Then we adopted to more kittens, 6 months old, Lulu and Bella. They get along fine with Lexy but now Lexy isn't as loving as she was and she doesn't sleep on my pillow like she did before and it makes me sad, she use to be so happy when I got home, now she doesn't show it the same. Do you think she is mad at me? I have only had Lexy for about a month and the kittens for 4 days. Okay that is the first problem, the second one is Buffy, she hasn't ever been a real loving cat but will she ever tolerate the other 3 cats? They all walk around the house but now Buffy is very cautious of them, the kittens will come up to her to smell her but then Buffy will hiss. Do you think this will ever get resolved???

Thanks for your help.
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You have introduced several personalities of cats together quite quickly and this type of introduction needs to be done slowly in stages so as not to stress out the resident cats. It is really to early for all of them to be together in one room and getting along, and Lexy leaving her accustomed spot is a way of telling you she is stressed out with all the other cats in the home. She was just getting adjusted to Buffy and then your brought two more into her world and her brain is on overload. I would put the two kittens in a room by themselves for awhile. Make sure they have a cat condo, cat toys and litter pans and food and water, but I would isolate them for a bit and introduce them slowly to the rest of the group.
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Do exactly what Hissy stated. This is what I just did and it took about a month. The two new kittens I put in one room door shut and the older cat,BK already in the house, roamed the rest of the rooms. The kittens had own litter box, toys and food. After about 2 weeks I caught BK playing footsies under the door with the kittens, but when I opened the door He freaked out and ran
Then for a week I would leave the door open when I went in to clean the litter box and give the kittens food so BK could see the kittens, he would look and run, then he would stay and stair and then he ran in the room then out, then the hissing , then playing, now they are play mates and nap buddies and it took a month
Remember let the cats tell you when they are ready to meet do not force it. And be patient.
Something good for you to read on this site, go to the feral colonies board and read "Socializing a feral/the story of lucky" You do not have to have a feral to understand this, it works with all cats.

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