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Shedding overload

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My cat has medium length hair. It is about 1.5 to 2 inches long (12-15 cm). I was tired of all the shedding so I gave her a bath on Sun. The water was full of hair, so I thought it night have worked. I brushed her afterward to try to get more of the hair, and to help her dry. I got a huge wad of hair in the brush. I was trying to start brushing her daily. She is now impatient when I brush her, and still is shedding like crazy. It isn't the fact that it is shesdding season, she does this year around. It just seems that no matter how often brush her, she will shed twice as much. It is actually annoying. I will not give her away for having tooo much hair. I was just wondering, (without putting any chemicals in her) if there is a way to control the amount of hair. Even if I just stroke her lightly, my hand is covered in hair. The other day, I saw a cat hair tumbleweed blow by. After I just cleaned. Is there a way to reduce the hair?
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What is your cat eating? The food you feed your cat will have an effect on the hair loss.
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She eats IAMS adult maintenance formula. Why does it effect it?
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She doesn't even stay around when I take out the brush. She used to like getting brushed. Now she runs when she sees it. I stop when she gets scared, but now I can't even start. She is still shedding like crazy. I don't know what to do.
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There are two things that I would do.....one...get rid of the Iams....it is full of by-products and other nasty ingredients and perservatives. You are paying the big price for the name..and not the quality. I would try feeding Wellness, or Solid Gold or another high quality food of this nature. Second....get a grooming glove at your pet supply store by you. The cat thinks you are petting it..and you are taking off alot of loose hair so both of you are happy. They are inexpensive at about $5-10 bucks Good luck!
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Thank you I'll try that. I had heard that Iams was a good brand. I guess the ingredient aren't. I've seen the grooming gloves, but wasn't sure how well they worked.
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Grooming gloves work well, and about the only thing that Trent, medium hair with a propensity for hairballs, will let me groom him with for any amount of time. I know this sounds strange, but after I explained to him that I needed to groom him and if he let me he would have less hairballs, he let me groom him more (as long as I call it grooming and not brushing )

Iams USED to be a good quality food, but from what I understand when Iams and Eukanuba merged companies, the quality of both brands went downhill.
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Thanks for the info. What food you cat lovers recomend? We just got a new bag of the Iams, so it may be sometime before we change food again. We had changed TO the Iams. Any favorite brands?
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Solid Gold.....my three fur children love the stuff. It is their favorite of the four different dry foods that I feed my cats daily. It is priced about the same as the Iams.....but much higher quality. It is all natural. You would have to get it at a feed store tho. www.solidgoldhealth.com they have a store locater at their website
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2 suggestions For the cat hair, have you tried going straight to Pet Hair Pick Up roller thing? Thats what mines called. Its working really well. The cats tolerate brushing, but especially Abby prefers this hair pick up thing for some reason (I just roll it all over them gently). I like it too because it holds the cat hair straight to it so I can just tear off a full sheet, I dont have to try and clean out the brush as much. It doesnt get the big stuff off, just the loose hair on them. You could try that

As for the food, its probably a good thing you bought a big bag of Iams because whatever food you plan to switch to would probably be better received if it was gradually mixed. I dont know if you have a fussy cat, so if you do I would definitely suggest mixing brands gradually
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The Iams recipe changed after Procter & Gamble bought it, they slightly reduced the price and changed the ingredients in an effort to make more of a profit.
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The other day, I saw a cat hair tumbleweed blow by. After I just cleaned.
that's funny...
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Ok, an update. I have bought the Royal Canin adult food. She seem to like it. I am in theroccess of switching her. I was relly debating between the outdoor, and the adult. I decided that because I give her hairball treats, that she didn't need the hairball stuff in the outdoor. The adult formula had grapefruit extract in it. I was glad to see that. Thanks for telling me about the IAMS. I read the bag (ingredients) and it is full of meal, and fillers. I would recommend the Royal canin food to others.
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