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diabetes symptoms

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what are symptoms of diabetes? anyone know...?? ..just wanted to see if anyone knew the symptoms to see if it is possible that dh may have it.
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If you think he might be diabetic, then a trip to the doctor is essential. It is diagnosed with blood tests, not symptoms that you can guess at.

Here is a web site with information.

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I see this all the time!! ?? Husband .. something? lol
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DH = Dear Husband
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oh my lol.

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dh = dear hubby


excessive thirst, frequent naps/tired all the time

becomes sleepy an hour or so after eating sweets or food with ANY sugar in it.

Can cause moodiness

Is he over weight? Is he eating nutritous meals?

Good luck and I hope he doesn't have it.
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Unfortunately, I know a lot about Diabetes. He should go see a Dr. immediately. Diabetes is nothing to fool around with. Some of the symptoms are excessive thirtiness and/or excessive urination, discolloration of urine and blurry eyesight to name a few. The Dr. will have him give blood and urine. Diabetes can be controlled through diet, exercise and educating yourselves on the disease.

My mother died from a heart attack, which was brought on my diabetes. She was a severe diabetic that took insulin twice a day.

My sister is a diabetic who controlls her diabetes through diet and exercise as I mentioned before. She educated herself on the items that turn to suger in the blood and limits those items in her diet.
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I know there are symptoms and he has an appointment this evening that stays open till 9:00 in the evenings..it's at 7:00..he has frequent urnination, especially at night, he is constantly thristy and he is tired all the time as well..he eats sweets all the time..I wouldn't say he is overweight at all..he just doesn't eat healthy at all and won't drink water hardly ever...I will let yall know later on..may not be till tomorrow what the tests say.thanks though for the info!
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Originally posted by DragonLady

Can cause moodiness

My husband is the most irritated person I know....!
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If your hubby actually is a diabetic he would be a type II diabetic which means the disease isn't as serious as type I, but it is still very serious. I am sure you already know this. Does he have a family history of diabetes?

My dad's late mother and my dad both had type II diabetes, and my dad was diagnosed about 12 years ago. My dad's symptoms were that he just wasn't feeling well in general. Since he was diagnosed, Dad has been able to control his diabetes by exercise and diet alone, and he has also become educated about the disease. He is able to eat sugary foods in small quanities, and I think this depends on his current gloucose level. I was tested for diabetes myself several months ago but I am not a diabetic (so far).

FYI: A fasting blood test is needed to diagnose diabetes.
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I don't know of any of of his family that has it, but I haven't met many of his family anyway...his dad died of cancer a few months ago, and his mom is in good health..I just hope the tests come out negative.
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I thought I had it too at one time, but I don't know really what I had. I think it was just an infection! I could drink like 2 litres of water at a time, in like 20 minutes (thankfully it takes a while to get through your system, so I had time to actually get home and to the bathroom before I really had to go!). I was tired all the time, thirsty, going to the bathroom lots (well to me it was lots, or it seemed like it!), so I went to the doc and he gave me all these tests and everything, and said everything came back fine. So I guess it was just an infection. I hope it's not diabetes!
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