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Kitten with a Saggy Belly

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I have a question that might seem silly. I have a 5 month old male kitten that is quite active. I have noticed that as he is growing, his belly is still sagging. It is almost like he is fat, but when I feel his belly, it feels like it is only skin. Is this normal, or is he getting fat?
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This is normal and left over from the days that cats were wild creatures. The sag allows for the cat to gorge on food and having room for the stomach to expand.
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Both Zoey AND ChiChi have this
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Thanks guys, I feel much better now. The last thing I want is for my little guy to get over weight. Phew!
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ChiChi is 14. Hers flops back and forth when she walks. Its pretty amusing.

btw did he get fixed recently? I also heard that that happens after getting fixed!
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Not yet...but he will being going in sometime in the next few weeks. I do know that cats generally gain some weight once they have been fixed, but I will just make sure he still stays active and stuff.
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well what you can do to make sure he stays active is take some treats ((the one's from whiskas called 'Tempations' are especialy good for this.)) and throw them across the floor... preferably where they'll skid, like your kitchen. Usyualy that will be enough to send him/her running after it because of the noise. I did this with my baby girl Vagabond when she was getting too thin after giving birth. Also if your worried about his weight, talk to the vet that's doing the procedure, and he may be able to recomend some specialty foods to help her/him gain weight after the operation. Just some ideas

~ Salem
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Wow - I'm glad I saw this post. My Boo has the same thing happening with her tummy and my boyfriend has been fussing at me for overfeeding her. The vet says she isn't overweight, yet to look at her tummy, you'd think otherwise, plus she doesn't eat a ton and is very very active. I don't like the sag and I think that the way it makes her hair hang further makes it look even saggier. Well, if this is normal, I'll deal with it and not worry. :-)
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