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Blood in kitty litter!!

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I just found a couple of pieces of kitty little that were slightly pinkish, almost red after Bobbie went to pee.

I guess this means I am off to the vet tomorrow with Bobbie, but you know i'm wondering...

Zooey just recovered from her UTI. Could it be innova? they were both on innova.

Can you develop a UTI all of a sudden?
Or has bobbie had it for some time now?
We haven't really seen any change in her behaviour

Could it be tuna?
For a while they were having quite a bit of canned tuna.
Almost once a day.
Or milk?

It's so bewildering...

UTI's are not contagious are they?

Could it be that we need to change the kitty litter more often?
We change it once a week.

Could it be the silica balls?

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Oh poor little guy! You really shouldnt feed them tuna or milk.. both arent very healthy for cats.

Let us know what the vet sais!!
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I would take him to the vet asap. It may not be anything, but then it is better to be safe. There may not be anything wrong and then you will be lucky, then again, if there is something wrong, you will be glad you took him early. Tell us how it went and good luck.
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Not sure what you mean about silica balls? Silica comprises a large percent of cat litter, especially scoopable. If you cats are eating the cat litter, you want to change to one that is biodegradable and not harsh.

Both milk and tuna are not healthy for cats. Milk is the only food source that is liquid going in and solid coming out. This can cause some major problems in some cats. They have problems with the lactose as well as the other additives the industry demands be put in milk. Tuna has polyunsaturated fats, this is really hard for cats to break down and digest.I would recommend you stop feeding both these food sources to your cats.
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Actually we have stopped feeding them tuna. We stopped quite some time ago actually, i was just wondering if the fact that we did feed them tuna at one point, could have caused a uti?

I shall have to stop giving bobbie milk entirely. I managed to get her down to once every couple of days or so... But she's so addicted!

Not sure what you mean about silica balls?
What i meant was.... could the fact that we use the entirely silica gel type of litter have caused a UTI? but no... they haven't been eating the balls...

Yeah, we are going to the vet today, i was just looking for some thoughts on what could have caused it....

Oh poor little guy!
Psssst! bobbie's a girl...
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Originally posted by suraya_putra
Sicycat... Psssst! bobbie's a girl...
oopsie! Sorry.. I think it was the name that got me

Hey, try CatSip! Its real milk but its for cats, and its digestible!!
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tee hee...
it's okay.
i always say...
It's bobbie with AN 'E'

Yeah... catsip sounds like a plan!
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