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Funniest Movie Moments

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Another thread made me think of this topic.

For me the funniest movie scene is in the Danny Kaye Movie CourtJester. The pellet with the poison scene (The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pessel, the flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true - get it, got it, good) and the scene where he is knighted.

What movie scene made you laugh so hard it almost made you pee your pants!
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I loved the one in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the brother told the fiancee to say "I have three t*sticles" in Greek and told him it meant something else. I laughed so hard, I cried.
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I loved "The Great Outdoors" when the bear was chasing John Candy. I laughed and laughed.

I also enjoyed "Turner & Hooch", just because it makes my Dad laugh. My Dad is Finn and very stoic. He laughed so hard at T&H that he was crying. We laughed till we cried, just to see him laugh.
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Anything from Austin Powers also makes me laugh!
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The scene with the Kevin Kline listening to the "self help" tape in In and Out...Especially the "Real men don't dance" part.
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Young Frankenstein, when Freddy's fiance and the other woman arrives:

Gene Wilder: Igor, would you give me a hand with the bags?
Marty Feldman: Certainly. You take the blonde, and I'll take the one in the turban.

A Christmas Story when they are changing the tire and the kid says "Oh Fudge....but I didn't say Fudge...."
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Monty Python's Meaning of Life. Two scenes.

Live Organ Donation


The Restaurant Scene with Mr. Creosote.
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I love the Mel Brooks Movie History of the World (part 1)
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ohh my..I hate to admit it, but I am nto sure if any of you seen American Pie 2...well, there is a part where Jim's dad had been explaining to him what it is like to umm...experience his first sexual encounter, and he was experimenting on a cherry pie and someone walked in on him during this experiment..I mean I was rolling during this movie.....
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I found the scene in "When Harry Met Sally" hysterical. You know the one, right?

When they are in the restaurant and she proves to Harry that woman can fake it convincingly, and then the lady at the table across from them says "I'll have what she is having." I love that. Too funny .
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Austin Powers - the scenes with the spaceship (the one with the two balls), and the exam scene behind the curtain with Mini Me!

O Brother Where Art Thou when Ulysses gets yanked back out of the train car after ignoring his fellow escapees!
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When edward scissorhands does sheesh kebabs.
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