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Pellet guns - sad story.

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Do you believe pellet guns should be regulated like real guns. I think that some type of better regulations should happen, especially after this incident that happented in Toronto on Sunday.

Taken from cp24.com

Fight For Life

It’s a tragic situation. A five-year-old boy is in hospital fighting for his life after being shot in the head by a pellet gun. It happened as the youngster and his mother were apparently walking home from the Molson Indy at around 5pm Sunday. They were standing at Bathurst and Lakeshore when a gold Honda SUV drove by and the occupants began firing pellets randomly at people on the street.

The boy was hit in his right eye, and witnesses say the blood was pouring from his face. With his distraught mom by his side, he was rushed to The Hospital For Sick Children, where he’s in critical condition.

“We have a … boy who … is facing life-threatening injuries as a result of this. This is not a prank,†said a solemn Sgt. Ralph Brookes of 14 Division. “This is completely unconscionable. And I just can’t understand what it takes to shoot at a 5-year-old boy.â€

Police say the child suffered a serious eye injury and the pellet is lodged in his brain. He was reportedly sedated for the night and doctors are running tests before possible surgery Monday.

Meanwhile, police have three young men – one 17-year-old and two 18-year-olds – in custody. They were arrested five minutes after the shooting as their car was stuck in the post-Indy traffic near the Exhibition’s Princess Gates. Officers seized two very real-looking pellet guns from the suspect vehicle.

“These types of weapons can inflict significant, serious damage to people. They are not toys,†Brookes stated. “We're looking at injuries which may cause this young boy his life.â€

At least one other man was shot. He’s in Toronto Western Hospital with minor injuries. The suspects will likely face numerous weapons-related charges
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Teens in our country need to have a lot more structure. With both parents working and all the violence on TV and at the movies, kids have gotten out of control. They don't have to earn anything and don't take the loss of anything seriously.

Everything seems to himge on sex or self gratification. People don't matter to anyone anymore. Kids don't get jobs to help out at home and will steal from their parents instead of protecting them.

There should not even be toy guns! Why would anyone want to pretend to kill another person/being? I even feel the video games are teaching our kids you are supposed to kill your enemies. Why not make a gane that will sharpen your mind and communication skills? You would have to negotiate with the enemy instead of blasting it to kingdom come.

These kids should have to spend the next 10 years working with the victums of voilent crimes. Let them see the pain and suffering of REAL people. Let them volanteer in the hospitals and re-hab centers. Let them learn compassion and empathy.

It isn't the toy that is hurting people it is the people. Kids can pick these things up from friends and family. Regulations won't help anymor than it did at Colombine.
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Let me answer this from the point of view of a child who grew up with gun's in the house.I came from a family who hunted, I was 1 of 7 kids,nobody in my family ever got shot or pointed a gun at anyone. Ted grew up with a hunting family,of 4 kids,no one there ever got shot of pointed a gun at anyone.Now Ted spent 9 years in the Army,and yes we had gun's in our house.Neither of my son's never shot or pointed a gun at anyone. not even a play gun!!! I have 2 gun's in my house right now,My grandchildern have been taught never to touch them,if they want to look at them they come to daddy or Ted & I and we show them to them,and we have taught them gun's kill! You have to teach childern values and rules. Most kids are not taught anything today. Parets need to get off their butt's and teach them.
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if they are capable of causing this sort of injury then, yes, they do need to be regulated.

and sherral, you are right on the money. guns safety should be taught from an early age. parents also should understand the maturity level of their own kids and know whether they can handle it or not.
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I don't think that pellet guns should be made to resemble "real" guns as they can be easily confused in cases like robbery.
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I think that anyone who uses a pellet gun, or even a realistic toy gun, in the commission of a crime should be treated in the same way that someone who was using a "real" gun would be. Same charges, same reaction from the police.

I come from a situation similar to Sherral's. I was raised with guns in the house, about once a month we would take a family outing to the rifle range. We were taught to respect guns and safety first and foremost. The problem I see is that guns have become a forbidden and mysterious object to kids because their parents won't teach them about it. We all know how much fun those forbidden and mysterious objects are to most kids. They also don't really understand what a gun is capable of. They see a shoot-em-up movie but there isn't much truth to those. Take the kids out and shoot a watermelon and see what the reaction is, or a gallon bottle of dyed water. It's impressive, let me tell you! But they would also realize that these things aren't toys, and unlike the movie where the bad guy crawls back after being shot 20 times, dead is dead.
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It's illegal to purchase a pellet gun in Western Australia. They're not even legal. They're usually bought illegally overseas and brought back into the country. Don't ask me how.

But my point is this. It isn't the gun that poses danger. It is the person behind the gun. If they have no understanding of the damge and impact the gun has, then the danger is there.

I grew up in a household that had one gun. From this, statistics showed that us kids were likely to get hold of it and kill each other. I should be a gun fanatic and most likely die of a gun-related incident. Funny, statistics ignore the fact that we were taught that guns were not toys and that they were NEVER to be pointed at any other living thing.

Those "three young men" are not men. They are immature boys who deserve a lesson in humanity and responsibility.
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