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Bettas, Cheeseburger & Cervantes

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Here are our handsome bettas.



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Ooh, another betta lover (and another reason I need to get my act together and get my betta pics uploaded and posted )! I love seeing all of the betta pics on this site.

Cheeseburger and Cervantes certainly are handsome. I have 2 male bettas as well -- a veil tail (like your two) and a crown tail. I love them! When I am stressed or upset, spending a few minutes just watching them swim and flare calms me. Fish, in general, are tranquil, but I think bettas are especially so. And, I'd say Cheeseburger and Cervantes are no exception.

One question, though. What made you name them Cheeseburger and Cervantes?! I can see Cervantes as a name (and, who am I to judge, anyway?) but Cheeseburger is quite the, well, unique name. There's got to be a story behind those two names. And, I'm interested in knowing what it is!

I'm so jealous of your betta pics. I can never seem to get mine to come out any good. But, I suppose you do have some great looking models to work with !
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they are both beautiful i love bettas
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Well I named Cervantes... I just liked the name. Dana named Cheeseburger. No idea why, he's just strange like that, lol.

I'm a little worried about Cervantes though... He hasn't been eatting and seems to be "off".
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Cheeseburger looks like a twin for our old family betta from the 1980's. I think his name was Gus. It was more my dad's fish. I hope the other one's okay. I love magenta and teal together.
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Handsome boys!! Loving the color on Cheeseburgers head
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Thank you all for your kind words. Unfortunately Cervantes died sometime overnight. Rest in peace gorgeous lil fishy...
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oh no Kailie im so sorry, i found when bettas are poorly its really hard to help them and they go so fast. rip lil guy
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SO SORRY! RIP in Cervantes. I know how we can grow so attatched to these little guys. Here's a for you Kailie!
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Oh, Kailie, I'm so sorry to read that Cervantes has passed on. How sad for you and Dana -- it was obvious how much he was loved. And, he really was a beautiful betta. His coloring was just gorgeous...

It's hard for some people to understand how emotional the loss over a fish can be, but I'm honored to be among such good company here at TCS. Bettas are beautiful fish with distinct and unique personalities -- they deserve to be mourned just as much as any other creature on this planet.

Again, I'm sorry to read of your loss. Rest in peace, Cervantes. Swim happily over the bridge. And, Kailie, when you're ready, I know Cervantes will send you the perfect betta -- not that he should replace him, but that he should bring beauty and joy to your life.
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