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Dreaming of Stud Quarters

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I've had a mindlessly busy day today - lots to do, but all of it requiring little or no intellectual involvement - so I've been running over some ideas for the stud quarters.

While yes, I am still a starry-eyed newbie when it comes to my cattery, I would like very much for my first breeding pair to interact on a daily basis, and only separate them during the heat cycle. What do some of you more experienced breeders think? Can this be successfully done?

When they must be separated, I thought that a nice wooden frame with screen mesh (just like what you have on your screened-in porch if you've got one of those) would do the trick. I have a large loft bedroom upstairs where I could isolate my boy without denying him interaction with his mate through the screen. There is also a tall ceiling that could accomodate the tall cat trees and a sunny southern-exposure half-round window that makes the bestest of sun-spots to languish in...*smile*

What have some of you done to make efficient quarters for your breeding cats? I would be real interested to hear your thoughts.


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I am just about to leave again for the cat show. I promise I will catch up and give you some input on Monday. I am pretty new to this but have had help and ideas from breeders in the fancy for 30 years or more.
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Thanks, Sandie! I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas! Are you showing in the cat show, or a spectator?


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Gayef: Your ideas sound good - I only confined my boys and the girls ran free - if you must confine the girls too then your idea sounds good - only one thought - during birthing time and of course with litters Mom is gonna want privacy - we used heavy cage wiring as they do climb up the wiring for excercise - when my children grew up and left hubby & I moved into their bedroom - leaving our very large room empty - but not for long - he ran wire down the middle of the room - added a couple of doors and voila 2 big big rooms for the boys - the wiring here is important - if I needed one boy not to see the other boy I would use sheets and clothespins to shut them off hanging sheets on the wiring - lots of time you do not know when the heat cycle is going on until it has been going on for a few days but the boy does - what I am getting at is if female had kits 6 months ago and she goes into heat you do not want her bred so soon and you may not know till she is already bred. Hope this helps. Linda
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Oh, no I go and show cats of all kinds. I love the association I am in. I have become friends with breeders of all sorts. It is like my cat family here.
Okay, as for the studs, I do not house any at this point. I prefer to have my females and "borrow" the males. However if and when I do house the males, I am going to do what another breeder has done. She keeps ALL of her males in a room with the large cages. She then brings the female into the cage when it is time. The females are free to roam the house until it is time to give birth and then she goes into a seperate room to have the babies.
I would suppose it all depends too on how many males and females you have. If you have just the two, then they can be together whenever they please. Only spererate them when it is necessary. I do like the idea of the large room size cages with cat walks, trees and perches. I really wish you the best of luck with your breeding. Oh yeah, and I am sure you said at some point, but what breed are you working with?
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Hi there everyone,
I was just wondering....Is there an "right" amount of toms to have working in your cattery?

I think I'v got a bit carried away with males....I HAVE 4!!!!
I mean, I love them all....but trying to keep them apart so they won't fight when my females come in heat is quite a job!
Not to mention.....two of them are spraying!!! YIPES!!!!

How many do most catteries have??

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I dont really think there is a set amount. It is what you are willing to deal with and your breeding problem. I know someone who has 14 males, this way she can breed with her own stock and never worry about inbreeding. I however don't keep any males in my house. I just borrow them. I think you should have as many as you feel comfortable with and still be able to control your breeding program.
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