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Vet visit for 14 yr old

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I hope I got this one in on time..

I've convinced my mom that we need to take ChiChi to the vet. She's 14 and probly hasnt had a vet visit in 3 years or more. She's an inside cat but I'm assuming its still a good idea to get her shots. She seems to be doing fine though.

Problem is she HATES the carrier with a passion, and she's skiddish and as soon as we try to put her in I know she will try to get away. My mom had the carrier out the other day and she actually went inside on her own.. but I know if she's forced she wont go.

Then in the past, she pants in the car and also meows like crazy. I'm a little concerned about the panting, considering her age and all. I dunno I've heard cats can have heart attacks.

So I guess basically I'd like to know what I can do to ease her experience.
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Good for you, getting Chichi a vet check. If she's not had an exam in three years, and she's 14 now, she's waaaaaaaay overdue, LOL! I know it can be tough convincing these kitties that it's for their own good. If she's going into the carrier on her own, when it's left out, that's a very good start at changing her mind about the travel experience.

Throw in some favorite treats or toys, too. Let her become accustomed to the idea that she can go into the carrier and leave when she wants, and she survives. *s* After a couple of days, when she's inside, close the door and pick it up, carry it around the house for five minutes--then set her down and let her out again. Teach her that even when the "thing" is moving with her in it, she'll get out in time with no ill effects. Repeat the short times in the carrier several times over many days.

When it comes time to take her to the vet, try spraying some Feliway on a towel and putting that inside the carrier first. This scent can take the edge off of feline stress, and may help calm her during the car ride to the vet. Some kitties do better with a cover over the carrier so they can't see out. Others do better if they CAN see where they're going. That's going to depend on your cat. If there's a little water container for the carrier, fill it with water and freeze it the night before. That way ChiChi will have something cold to lick but water won't spill on the ride.

Panting isn't a good sign in cats. In this instance, it's probably just a sign of stress. Cats don't typically suffer heart attacks, but the agitation certainly isn't good for her.

Good luck!

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Thanks Amy. Problem is the appt is tomorrow morning and I dont know where to get feliway in time. I have Flower Essences that I use for Zoey.. dunno if that might help.

I just hope I'm doing the right thing.. you know the old saying 'if it aint broke dont fix it' My dad argues that nothing is wrong with her, she doesnt need to go to the vet I also hear mixed feelings about vaccinations as well. I just want chichi to be able to continue to live a healthy life.

Thanks for your prompt reply
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Aha, vet visit tomorrow! Okay, then by all means use the Flower Essence. I like the Bach Rescue Remedy--it won't hurt, and could help a lot.

Talk with the vet about vaccinations. The new feline vaccine recommendations are that after the initial "kitten" series, for adult cats that are otherwise healthy to get core vaccines every three years. Core vaccines include those to protect against upper respiratory virus, panleukopenia (cat "distemper") and rabies. If it's been three years since the last vaccines, it's probably not a bad idea for boosters.

That said, cats who are in their elder years, who are 'only' cats, and are not allowed outdoors (and thus, have little exposure) may not need vaccines at all. Some of the shots will provide protection for many many years. And some older cats, if they're under the weather, may not do well with the stress of vaccines. The vet is in the best position to advise you about your kitty.

As for the "if it ain't broke..." school of thought (LOL!) too often we humans wait until we have high cholesterol, diabetes, or some other health issue that is causing us problems before we get help and then try to cure it. Same goes for cats--if you wait until something is "broke" it may not be fixable.

On the other "paw" you can often prevent bad problems or cure them if they're caught early enough. In my book, it's much better to go get a kitty the exam and get a clean bill of health...than NOT go, and find out later that something that goes wrong could have been prevented.

Now I'll get off my soap box. *s*

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I love your soap box. lol.

Thank you o wise one! Will ask all these questions to the vet tomorrow.
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