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autumn had her kittens

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hey cat fans i thought let you know that at 7:30pm autumn had her babies so far she had one which is pure white and i been checking
on autumn to make sure she okay and kitten so both okay but 10:pm
autumn was hungry so gave last bit of kitten chow and will get anothe
bag of kitten chow will get big bag of kitten to feed autumn going to
make some kitten gulp and ask my vet if it is okay autumn kitten gulp
while she her kittens and case guys want to know i already going
to keep the little white kitten which name snowball i will let you know when other kitten are born and tell you what color they but
i have feeling she only going to have two more which might end up
all white or siamese
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Siamese kittens are born all white and get their markings as they grow. If she is eating she may not have any more kittens left to have. Please keep us posted as to how many kittens there are and how the mom is doing. Is Snowball eating? That is what I worry about the most with my kittens. They were born this morning. I have only seen one really eat. I have given the others some electrolights that was warmed up to stimulate them into eating. I will check on them again later tonight.
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Pictures please....
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autumn is nursing snowball and i will wait to take picture of the kitens when they get a little older and be able to get use to the light as of right snowball has her little eyes close until she ten
days old and i need to wait any way so don't hurt little snowball
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I took pics of my kittens about an hour after they were born. As far as I know the light does not hurt there eyes because there eyes are closed.
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happy to hear mom and baby is doing fine, do you plan on getting mommy cat spayed? good luck with them and im sure it is very cute, no dought.
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Originally posted by suraya_putra
Pictures please....
You forgot the blobs ..
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Yay congratulations!!! Can't wait to see pictures
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