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Lovey Lou story he is 20 years old

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I have 2 male cats. Samson who is 19 years old and LoveyLou who is 20 years old. The past year or so has not been kind to LoveyLou. Our vet says that Lovey is not sick, it is the age that is catching up with him. He is not in any pain. He eats, plays and uses his litter box. He loves to sunggle up to you. But he has lost a lot of weight in the past year. You can see his little back bone now. My heart is saying that it not time to let him go yet.He is doing all the things he normal does. But my mind see the condition that he is in and wonder if I am being selfish. I am 40 years old. I have had Lovey for half of my life. I just can't image him not being with me. The other thing is when Lovey time comes, my husband says that he thinks that Samson will not be far behind. Those 2 have been together all their lives. Samson is in good health, a bit over weight but fine.Losing both of them in one year would be a little much. Lovey has helped me through so much in my life. I just want to do the right thing for Lovey. He is such a big part of our family. We love him very much. I know that I will soon have to make the decison to let him go. That day will be one of the sadest days of my life. But I know that Lovey will be with the rest of our cat family that has gone on to the other side. He will be that little black and white kitten that I brought home sitting in my hand bag. Happy, whole and full of play.....
Take care
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As long as LoveyLou is not in pain, feels good and still is able to enjoy all the things he likes--you're not being selfish. One indicator of the cat "telling" you it's time, is when he decides eating is too much trouble; he acts depressed; he IS in pain; and/or he no longer indulges in the things that used to make him happy (play, cuddling, etc).

I have to really applaud your two golden oldies--you are doing something VERY RIGHT to have two kitties to reach this advance age, and remain in good health! Bravo!

Losing any pet is hard, but saying goodbye to one who has shared decades of your life is devastating. LoveyLou and Samson were there during all the ups and downs, and I'm sure they represent milestones in your life. Trust yourself to do what's right for these boys. They trust you.

It's true that cats can mourn the loss of their feline buddies. In the "Aging Cat" book, the story of 20-year-old Arthur's Broken Heart is testamony to the love cats can hold for one another. Arthur mourned for his lost friend, but eventually found a new love and carried on...That may well happen with Samson. *gentle smile*

Something that can help, and I don't mean to be morbid here--but cats (and dogs) who lose a beloved furry friend sometimes search and search for the missing pet. After all, we can't explain what has happened and that the deceased won't be coming back. So it can help, when the time comes, to allow Samson the opportunity to "say goodbye" to the body. That will "explain" to him what has happend and he'll know that the essence of his friend has shed his furry shell to pass on to the next state of being.


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Thank so much. Lovey is something else. The boy just keeps on going. I just want to make sure that I am doing what is best for our boys. I promised them both that they would always have what ever they needed. I have made sure of that all their lives.
They have always been around dogs. Small dogs, Cocker Spaniels. After Pooh Bear, our Cocker died. I waited many years to get another dog. When we got Bae our 1st German Shepherd I promised the cats that they would have at least one room in our house where they did not have to deal with Bae. That is our Computer room. Bae is not allow in that room at all.
This morning I went to get on our computer and Lovey jump up into my lap and just purred. He loves to snuggled you arm so typing, well you can not type.Samson is always at my feet while I am on the computer. Every now and then he will stand up and paw my arm as to say, What about me Mom?
We also raise German Shepherds. We now have 3 grown Shepherds. Bae who is 4 years old, Bandit Bae's son who is 2 years old. Those two are attended conformation show all over the country. They keep me kind of busy. The last shepherd is Harmony she is 10 years old. She is the only one that is allow in the computer room where the cats love to stay. She just loves those cats. Harmony we lay down under the desk and Samson will curl up to Harmony and Harmony will clean Samson from head to tail. The whole time Samson is purring up a storm. It is a wonderful sight to see. Lovey looks at them as if they were crazy. The other member of our family is a litter of Bae's pups, 5 - 5 week old German Shepherd pups. They leave to go to their new families on Aug 25th. Lovey Lou comes out of the computer room and goes to the puppy day pen and just watch the puppies play.He knows that they can not get to him, so every now and then he will go up to the pen and stick his paw in just to see what happens. He such a tease....

Have a great day
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