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"Psst? Is Mom Around?"

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Milk Attack!
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Awww! Who wouldn't love a catnap with those three baby furries??
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OMG I about fell out of my chair laughing! Earl asked if the kitten was drinking coffee.
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Actually it was Pepsi!!!
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LOL That's so sweet

WTG Bubbz!!!! Neat Pictures!Thanks for sharing!!

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Pepsi Cats!

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She know's what is good!That's a cat after my own heart!
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awwww those kittens really look happy!
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Awwwwwwww they are soooo adorable.

Every time I see a pic of your hubby, there are always cats on him - is he covered in catnip or something?
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MA~ That is so adorable! what a sweetie!
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Those babies are absolutely beautiful, I'm in love
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They are so cute!
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Kell- I'll let you in on a secret.......I put catnip in his beard! LOL J/K
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HA! Love the kitten dunking into the Pepsi! Peaches tries that but her face is too big and round! LOL. She ends up knocking it over to drink it.
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Aww.... Those pics of your baby MA is priceless!!
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Those pictures are adorable. The kitties really like your hubby too, they look like they're guarding him while he sleeps.
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Or like santa's little helpers
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OoOo there are those three angels. They look so happy, and I guess they love Mike to pieces huh? Thanks Hissy anytime I need a smile I dig up threads of these guys and of MaeMae.

How is Blink progressing?
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Hey Hissy,

the fella's really cute. My girl does that too when she's younger and not so fat. She steals my starbucks coffee's the latte that she goes after....should dig up one of her photos and post it online one of these days for u guys.
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MA, that is just too sweet
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Awwww!!! That was such a cute little flick with the first three postings!!!! Someone should start a thread like that, with a little scenario occuring within three pics or so. I love seeing kitties with dogs, it is absolutely cute!!!

Kate, go ahead and send us the pic if you can dig it up for us!

I didn't know kitties liked pepsi and or coffee? Mine actually likes my son's baby cereal, maybe he feels left out when he seems me feeding him so he'll come over and take a little sniff and taste.
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