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Ammonia smell

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Well, my cat's litter box is smelling like ammonia. It's been smelling this way since I changed their brand of litter about 3 weeks to a month ago. It's the tidy cat brand, antibacteria formula. I am not sure what to think. I never smelled ammonia before, on the other hand I used a "fresh scented" brand before.

I've searched through other threads and can't think of any correlation to UTI in either cat. Both are neutered and have been for some time now. No strange behavoirs from either cat either. Steven is about a year and three months, Noah is 9 months old. They both share the same litter box as well. There has been no smell of pee or ammonia anywhere else in the house, except the box.

So I guess I am looking for suggestions to troubleshoot this problem. Thanks!
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Go back to your other litter....or try something new. Some cat litters have better odor control then others. I use Scoop Away multi-cat formula. I am pretty happy with it.....but am always looking for something better like most cat owners are. I tried Swheat Scoop recently and had poop odor problems with it. I also have a Litter-Robot to scoop the box for me.
Good luck!
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Crystals Crystals Crystals lol ( I love it so much )
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You may try adding some baking soda in the litter.... Baking soda is supposed to absorb odor
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I use jonny cat antibacterial formula. It is a bit dusty, so I change it outside, and let the dust go away before I bring it in, but I haven't had problems with it.
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i think it that type litter, i used it a copuple of times and i thought it smelled that way, i swithched litter to make sure it wasnt my cats urine smeeling that way and it wasnt..
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Both of your cats are neutered, aren't they? The urine of an unneutered Tom is so strong nothing will cover it.

I've had the best results with "Everfresh with Activated Charcoal". It's a little expensive and tougher to find - Petsmart carries it - but it works way better than anything else I've tried.

*Also try coating your litterbox with Pam after you've washed and dried it so the plastic doesn't absorb the urine smell.
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I have used that same brand too and noticed the same ammonia smell too.
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