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Stretch kitties

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Summer is for laying on the floor, taking it easy.
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Another one:
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cute cute cute!!
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I stretched out kitties!
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Those Kitties looks sooooooooo comfortable They have got it made.
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Somebody looks like they need belly rubs! I volunteer!
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cute cute.....
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Cute, happy stretching kitty!
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belly rubs are in order!!
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Oh my! I think there are enough bellies for all of us to rub!

When Toes stretches like that he can go from side to side of a California King.
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You never realize how big your kitties are until they stretch out like that.
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We now come to the stretching segment of the exercise program.

Two paws left, left, then right, right. Now double up! Come on, gotta work off at least one kitty treat today.
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They lay like that when it is really hot too- mine likes to sprawl out on our coffee table, probably the coolest spot in the house-
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What adorable relaxed kitties!
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LOL I've always been amazed how something so small could be so long when they stretch out. Hmm wonder if cats are part inchworm.
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awwwwww where is all his belly fur?
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Wait! First I hope you'll add this pic to that thread!
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Maybe they can merge them?

What happened to kittys belly
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consider them merged
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I love kitty stretch pics! Tybalt, blondie is a gorgeous tabby!
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Midnight's belly fur disappeared a few years ago. The vet did a blood test and everything came back fine, he said it nothing to worry about. It doesn't seem to faze Midnight at all. Midnight also gets feline acne on his chin.
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