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Burger and fries anyone (funny pic)

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I was at my parents' house yesterday, and here is what they served.

It's actually cake! My dad made it from a recipe he found in a magazine. It was very yummy.
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That is awesome! I wouldnt mind making that!
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OMG! How cute is that! Some people can be so crafty, while others like myself can't even begin to think of things like that!
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Wow those burgers look great! Mmmmm I love cake. Ice cream too?
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Looks cool!
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Wow, tell your Dad we are very impressed with his cake artistry!
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Well!!!!!!!! They are just too gorgeous for words Thanks for sharing!

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What a talented Dad! Looks yummy!
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That looks so cool!
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omg that is the coolest thing ever!!!!
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yo! that's awesome!
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Your dad would have surely won the Male Only Contestant Cake Decorating Contest that was held in the local shopping centre last Saturday.
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wow that is awesome!
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Wooohooooo!!! Something about a man cooking is such a good thing! Tell your dad we are very happy with that idea and it probably has less fat than a greasy burger!
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Wow! That's a really cool idea.
I love a man that can cook!
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burger cake my too fav things.
I would love to make that. Where did he get the recipe? Do you know? Could you tell me if you do please?
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Any chance in posting the recipie here?? I'd love to make that for my son's bday that is coming up! He'd love that!
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