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kitten -litter box problem

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we've had our kitten for about 3 months. we set her in the litter box and she goes. we were so happy she was trained so easily. but just recently shes been peeing in the corner of our dining room. we shove her face in it and spank her and she still does it every now and then. but she also uses the litter box every now and then too. if we dont get this pee problem fixed we're gonna have to get rid of her. i dont want that to happen. does anyone have an solution to this kitten- litter box problem? your advise is appreciated!
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If cats are not using the litter it could be because they are unhappy with the conditions. Cats can be very picky where they go. How often do you change the litter?

I scoop mine twice a day and totaly change it once every week. This keeps a cleaner environment. If it stinks to you it will suurely stink to them.

I don't think rubbing their face in the pee solves anything but I am sure someone here will shed light on that aspect.
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You should NEVER EVER rub your kitten's face in the urine and NEVER EVER spank a kitten. Please click here for some excellent information and help about cats and kittens peeing in the wrong place.
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Rubbing a cat's face in pee or poop is exactly like rubbing a human baby's face in their own excrement. They have absolutely no idea why you are doing such a cruel thing, all they no is that you are hurting them. It teaches them nothing because they do not connect having their face shoved into excrement to having pottied in the spot. This is extremely cruel and should never ever happen again. Also, it doesn't work, so there is absolutely no reason to do this.

The number one cause of potty problems is illness. And, stress can cause this type of illness. Being hit and having excrement pushed up her nose will cause stress and will almost guarantee she will become sick, if she is not already. So please take this poor baby to the vet immediately. If there are no physical illnesses causing this problem, check out the link Kumbulu provided for ways to stop inappropriate pottying.
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I have to agree, by using this form of punishment you are really setting back any type of relationship you would have in the future with this kitten.

I just recently had a sad email from someone whose boyfriend "spanked" her kitten. Now her kitten is dead from the "spanking" it received. And don't tell me that you only lightly tapped your kitten on the rear YOU DO NOT HIT CATS PERIOD! If that is the form of punishment you deem necessary for this kitten, then my suggestion is you find this kitten a better home!

Take this baby to the vet, before the stress of the situation really causes some problems you will not be able to overcome. The kitten needs to be checked by a veterinarian for a urinary tract infection.
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Gee thanks guys! i really liked your advise! or should i say your lecture. thanks for making me feel like some animal beater. and my cat loves me anyways. i dought her puny brain even can remember her so called "abuse"
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We weren't trying to make you feel bad. You obviously did not know that what you were doing was harmful or else you wouldn't have done it. Because you didn't know you were doing something wrong it was necessary for us to let you know. Had we simply ignored this just to save your feelings, you wouldn't have known to stop hitting her and shoving excrement into her nose. The Cat Site is dedicated to educating people about the humane care of cats, therefore, to be honest to our mission, we had to inform you of this problem.

I am sorry you felt attacked.
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I dont think anyone is trying to make you feel bad, but you cant shove a cats face in urine and expect them to know why. It wont work and I think it will just make the cat or kitten afraid of you. There has to be another reason for the kitten not using the litter box. Maybe she is stressed or something, also make sure her litter box is scooped because they hate to use a dirty box.
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we've come up with a lovely resolution! i throw the cat outside every night ! now she CANT pee on the rugs. i thnk if we're around then shes afraid to.
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I think people are forgetting that the kitty may have an infection and may need to see the vet. I'm sorry that the kitten is now living outside. I hope the kitty has been fixed so you won't end up with a ton of kittens, and if it is a little boy kitty he would be attacked by the other males protecting their teritory.
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Teresa is correct. Urinary tract infections are the number one cause of inappropriate urination in cats. Thus, it is vital that you take your kitten to the vet to be checked for a URI. You must tell the vet about the potty problem so that the vet will know what to look for.

One thing I forgot to ask before is how old is the kitten? Are we talking about a tiny one or a kitten who is more than 5 or 6 months old?
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Also, I am not sure whether you have checked out our thread which discusses solutions to potty problems. Click here for that thread.
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my kitty is about 5 months old and its a girl.
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Your kitten should not be outside.

You should take her to the vet and have her checked for a UTI.

If she comes up with a clean bill of health then look long and hard at your litterbox corner and see if you need to make it cleaner, add another box, a bigger box, change litter or whatever needs to be done.

In another month your kitten will be able to have kittens and that will happen if she continues to go outside especially if you put her out during kitten season when she is in heat.
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first of all im too poor to take her to the vet and second of all i dont mind more kittens. ill just run an add in the paper and theyll be gone in no time.
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Having kittens at 6 months could kill your kitty! She is not physically or emotionally ready to care for her young.

Are you able to take her to the vet if a kitten gets stuck and she needs a c section?

If you cannot afford a vet to get her fixed how will you be able to house and feed the kittens? It only costs around $50. to fix a cat at the humane society and you could make that much with a yard sale!

How will you know if the people aren't using the kittens as pitbull bait? How do you know if these people won't throw the cat out after a day or two? What about people that just enjoy hurting helpless animals?

I know you want what is best for your kitty and would never do anything that could hurt or endanger it. I know some newer folks here came on a little strong too.

Please don't give up on your little one as she could be sick. The humane society is available to help you with your kitty. Please give them a call and let them know you are worried that your kitty may be ill and you don't have the money right now. They may have programs for this situation and will give you the treatment to pay in payments.

Please keep me posted as to how your baby is doing, and please bring it back in as it could catch illnesses from other cats, be mauled by dogs, hit by a car or stolen. Keep this precious bundle safe inside.
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This kitten will be coming into heat soon, maybe she is spraying instead of peeing in the dining room if she is old enough to be in heat. You could get a low cost spay and probably solve alot of the problem if thats it. Groups offer them at our local Petsmart on Saturdays and Sundays. Maybe your local Humane Society can tell you how to obtain a low cost spay. It doesnt hurt to ask. I hope this kitten will be o.k. No animal deserves to be hit or their face shoved into the rug. This kitten has no way of knowing what she is being punished for.
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Originally posted by Catnip3k
first of all im too poor to take her to the vet and second of all i dont mind more kittens. ill just run an add in the paper and theyll be gone in no time.
Did you know that many kittens adopted through ads in the paper are adopted by people who use them as bait to train their dogs to attack or as food for large snakes? Also, think of all of the kittens who are put to death at shelters. Loving people should be adopting those kittens rather than ones your cat has because you are not responsible enough to spay her or to provide veterinary care for the cat.

We have tried very hard to be civil in our responses to you because we hoped that you truly did not understand how to correctly care for a cat, but your last several posts make it clear that you have absolutely no desire to do what is right. Therefore, so that I do not post something I will later regret, I will no longer respond to this thread.

Catnip, please please do what is right. If you cannot care for your kitten, please give her to someone who can.
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I just looked up your previous posts. Here is one you posted last month:

"ever since i was little ive had a cat. but iv never had to deal with one of them dieing .. instead they always just go out and never come back! our cats are inside and outside cats. im really worried because my cat baby kitty hasnt been home in 3 days? do you guys have any idea what could be happening to all my cats???? please respond. love, anna"

I think now we know the answer to this question.
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Dear god.
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Some people were never taught the proper way to raise their cats. (Or we could have a psychic (sp) vampire on our hands.) It is our job to educate these folks so they can become good loving owners and correct their mistakes.
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I agree with you...people need to be educated. I love cats, and always have...but I was so clueless on so many things when I found this site and have learned so very much. I too "spanked" my kitty (Merlin) on the butt when he was younger. I didn't EVER do it hard, and it didn't hurt him, I would NEVER hurt an animal on purpose, but when he would start to climb the drapes, or claw the couch, I would say no, and gently give him a swat on the butt. He was smart and learned quickly what to do and what not to do, but I did not realize until I joined here that spanking, no matter how gentle, is not the right thing to do. I also did not fully understand the importance of having cats spayed/neutered. I wasn't a bad person for doing what I did, just uneducated. Thank God for places like this that can teach us the right and wrong way of taking care of our cats. Thankfully people here were kind to me and taught me the error of my ways. I owe alot to this site.
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Debby, this is one of the reasons we love you so much. You listened and learned and changed your behavior as a result.

The vast majority of people who visit us immediately change once they learn that what they are doing isn't helping (and may even be hurting). Helping people learn is why coming here is so rewarding. Bless all of you who have come here seeking help and followed the suggestions given by the wise members of TheCatSite!
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I agree HITTING A KITTY is not the right way they are so delicate and tiny! Now I will admit I was a big fan of the spray bottel until I learned that wasnt to bright either.
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