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It's so hot !

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We are all suffering, in this heat, but my poor long haired cat
( called Puffycat ) is not a happy bunny right now. It's currently 32C/90F here, and rising, and he just looks so miserable. He pants occassionally, and is lying on the floor trying to spread his body as wide as he can to rid excess surface heat. He is so hot.

How do you guys in hotter climates cope with your cats and heat ???...I don't have air conditioning and we have 6 fans running constantly, but it is still 32C/90F in this house right now.

Our Bengal is really thriving in this heat though. He loves it!
He has the odd screw loose though, so I can forgive him his insanity for the love of this kind of temperature !!! ;oD

Any suggestions on how to help Puffycat endure the heat in a more happy frame of mind ???

Thanks in advance !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Have you considered having him groomed? I have my cats groomed in the summertime and they are soooooooooo much happier, its like a huge weight lifted and they are more active when they have less fur (and less hairballs too!)
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Take a large bowl of cold water add a lot of icecubes and put it in frount of a fan. It helps cool the air.and will he let you lightly spray a little cold water on him?
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It's been really hot here the last week too. Saturday it was 105 F. I have window air conditioners and the one in the living room has multiple settings. It's been way too hot for Peaches too so when I leave in the morning I put the air in living room on low and power save at 78 F. When I come home at night Peaches is laying on the card table in front of the air conditioner!
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I was going to say the same thing about having him groomed...I don't have a persian, but I know alot of people have theirs groomed when the weather gets really like this..
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Today hit 109 and the humidity is UP. My cats spend most of the day lying under the ceiling fans. Buddy gets into his beefcake pose (belly up, legs spread) and stays that way until the sun goes down.
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Fill empty juice or soda bottles half way with water and freeze them. You can also put ice cubes into zip lock bags. Lay these on the floor with a sheet or pillowcase over them and let the kitties snuggle up to them.

You can also wring out a towel and let the fans blow through it. This will also cool the room. Look on the net and find a Misty Mate. This is a hand help bottle that you pump up and it sprays a fine mist from the hose attachment. It is supposed to lower the temp by nearly 10F
Clip the sprayer in front of the fan and you and the cats will LOVE IT!
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My cats like to lay in the bathtub when it is hot.
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How about a spray bottle with water in it set on mist - they may like that. Fortunately we have air conditioning, and when it isn't on our basement always remains cool.
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There are some great suggestions here.

I found that my cats liked dark spots, not lying on carpet (they would prefer to lie on cardboard or plastic.) Sam slept in the bathtub. I left the cold water dripping for him. I also wiped him with a damp towel a few times, making sure I rubbed around his neck and back of the head.
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Poor kitty.
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Where are you from? Just wondering,you look you are not from the US. You are very pretty.
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Heh. Its in her identification.

Registered: Dec 2002
Location: Kuala Lumpur
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That's why she can't come to my house and make butterfly cupcakes for me every day.

And I agree, Suraya is beautiful!
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Sorry that it is sooo hot there!!! I feel bad for your kitties!!! I have one friend who has a 13 year old Persian, she gets him groomed, cuts his fur all the way down to almost his skin, but leaves little tufts of hair around his head and his paws, so he looks like a lion, it is absolutely hilarious looking!!! And cute!!!!! It gets pretty hot in Texas, especially in the Houston area with the humidity! The main thing we do here is keep the windows covered so that the heat doesn't overtake. Thank goodness for CAC, we would be miserable, once in an apartment, the AC went out and we suffered for a week before the repairman came and replaced it. So I can't imagine how you are living with just window AC's!

Suraya, you are super pretty and I like your name. I have a friend named Suraya who is from Bangladesh. (but she's not as pretty as you)
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Ya I saw that but where is Kusla lumpur????
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Kuala Lumpur is in Malaysia
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Thank you!I ned to go back to school!!
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Yes, Kuala Lamupur is a beautiful city in Malaysia!! And thus far, all the malaysian women I have met are absolutely beautiful!
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