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Need some advice...

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Hi , Thanks for reading my thread.

- Lately as you all know I have had major family troubles and have had a few sick kitty's.

- I'm a committee member of two cat clubs, the Wellington cat Club and Pedigree Persian Cat Fanciers, The club members include my Nana,Aunty,Grandad, And lots of my friends.

- Recently because of my problems I have been unable to attend 3 meetings because of the stuff that's been going on, and I don't really like people seeing I'm upset.

- I had two rings from people asking why I wasn't at the meeting, and seeing as Nana lives in basically the same road as me, someone actually walked down to see If I was coming and then I recieved emails after saying" Oh I don't wanna go to meeting as well, but I have to" blah.. blah.. blah

- Anyway I will get to the point, I'm very uselful to PPCF, but I don't really want to keep on a comm. member because if people talk like this to my face , I'd hate to see what they are saying behind my back, I really just wanna know, if I should hand in my resignation(which I wrote last night) or should I stay on the committe??

- All NewZealandCatFancy Prefix holders must be a member of one club, so I will definitly be staying on WCC, but I'm not too sure about PedPer.. Anyway I just really wanted to vent.......

Thanks- Sam
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Sam, I'm sorry that they put you in that position. Shame on them! Since they're being so dang nosey on why you're not going, just tell them "I am having personal problems that I do not want to discuss right now and I'm sorry I haven't been able to attend. It was not because I didn't want to, it was that I wasn't able to.".
Hopefully that will shut those people up. As for resigning, it's really your call. If you feel that due to your problems, you are hindering the Org. then you may need to. But if not, then you have every right to be involved. Just my opinion!
Hope you make the right decision for YOU and not what others pressure you to do! Good luck Sweetie!
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I'm going to think about this one long and hard....

Thanks for your opinion Shell!, That's a great idea!!!! Thank you!

Thanks alot .. I'm definitly on the verge of resigning but afer the cat show this weekend, PPCF's, I get half price entries so I don't really wanna miss out on them( That sounded kinda bitchy!!!!)

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Sam, it's a tough call either way. You have to realize that the school-girl gossip doesn't stop with school-girls. Actually adult women are absolutely the worst!

Perhaps you could ask about taking a leave of absence for personal reasons? It's really none of their business exactly why you aren't going to the meetings, but a vague answer like Shell suggested will generally give them enough information that they will understand and not pester you about every meeting.

(And there is nothing wrong with being selfish sometimes! I signed on to be Administrative Support for our state shooting team because they offered to pay for my way to Nationals, which I have dearly missed. Now I am giving back to them, I have a lot of duties to attend to while I'm out there so it's not totally selfish, but it's not exactly selfless either. )
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