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I need help with 2 feral cats at work

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I have been feeding 2 feral cats @ work for a couple of months, they now come up tome and let me pet them. The problem is my company wants them off the grounds, I've heard rumors they want to trap them and let them lose in the country some where. I would take them if I could, I live in a mobile home where I am owned by 3 furry children, my cats. I love these cats too and don't know what to do. I think someone dumped them there in the first place. Thank you
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call your animal shelter and see if they will trap them! They need fixed and a vet check up. good luck.
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Yes! I agree with sherral.
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If they let you close to them try crating them and bringing them to the vet for a health check.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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I will move you to our feral forum for more assistance
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Hi cateyes50. This is so wonderful of you to want to help these cats. This is also sad news about your company, but this is the reality that many of these cats face.

There are several things you can do.

1) I wouldn't call animal control - cats usually end up being euthanized this way.

2) If you click on the link for Rescue Resources in my signature line, you can search for no-kill animal shelters in your area. Give them a buzz - they might be able to help, although it really depends upon where you live. Many are full, and it is kitten season which makes it that much more difficult.

3) Because they let you get near them, if the no-kill shelters are full, you can consider feeding them in a crate in order to crate them (which, if that doesn't work, you can consider trapping them yourself. A local vet will probably have a crate you can borrow or rent.) From here you should do several things.

a) They should see a vet. They should receive vaccinations and be spayed or neutered. If you cannot afford this, there are low-cost spay/neuter resources also below in the link in my signature line.

b) You can also speak with local vets - or your vet - about paying for these services over time. Most are willing to do this for ferals.

4) Once they've seen a vet and been spayed/neutered, you can release them where you live. They will not know this is home, and they may run away. It would be best if you had or could construct some type of enclosure for them, large enough for just a few days. If this is not possible, you can release them near where you live and put out wet food with a little tuna or herring in it (to make it really smelly). Feed a small amount of this to them in the crates before releasing them, and put a small amount outside before you open the crates. Then, once they're out of the crates if they run, when you put this food out again in the evenings and mornings if they are near, this should draw them. If you put food out for them like this in the morning and evening for a week or two, they will probably make the area around your home their territory. Then you can switch to dry food.

Several things can be done from here!

Either they can become your "outdoor" kitties - or, you can work on spending time with them outside to get them socialized. They may become friendly enough to try to find homes for them, but it would have to be with someone or people who are willing to work with them to make them indoor pets. We have lots of articles available for printout related to this.

If you live in an area that gets cold or snow, you can construct "homes" for them for the Winter. If provided food and shelter, they will survive, believe me!!!!

If you get to this point, we can help you figure out how to build (very inexpensive!) shelters.

FYI: You probably do not want to crate or trap them and release them near you without being spayed or neutered. If they are males, they will fight over territory which is not only noisy, it's stinky (they mark territory with urine). If one or both are females, you will wind up with lots of kittens to care for. Spaying and neutering is not only better from behavioral purposes, it also helps prevent certain health problems.

If you are not "allowed" to do this where you live... what to do is very limited. Just FYI - we're not allowed to have pets here (we live in an RV in an RV park full-time)... but we managed to care for a number of ferals outside here and bring four (now five!) of them inside to live with us. If you want to chat about that, feel free to e-mail or PM me!

If you have ANY questions about ANY of this, please feel free to post here or to contact me via e-mail or send me a Priave Message ("PM") (both available through my user profile).

Thank you for being such an angel!
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