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cutaneous horns on paw pad

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Anyone have this diagnosed and any other treatments given besides cutting it off with nail clippers? few years back I took cat to vet and was told it was this and to trim them off like i had been doing. Well over time they have gotten MUCH worse. Both front paws have it. She is very depressed-sits off alone, hisses at her used to be friends....This cat is not taking any more clipping it off(I can barely do her nails and last time got bit)
I am setting up a vet appt for her to be seen by my new vet but just seeing if anyone did anything that worked longer then a few weeks. Also going ahead with a felv/fiv draw-so far been negative for my others I have tested.
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When I worked as a Vet Tech we had a dog come in with that. The vet at the time just kept trimming them. The owner didn't get it done as often as she should have and they got worse. At the time I don't recall a treatment but there may be one now. Definitely get a second opinion.

Good luck to you!
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Decided to put her to sleep-she was always stressed by being held down and last few months she withdrew from all her normal things(sleeping with her friends, window watching...) She was seen in 08 by a vet and diagnosed then was seen by different vet today. Surgery theyd most likely come back, clipping was to much...sedate and clipping meant getting her trapped in a corner. Run with your friends lil girl.
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Rest in peace kitty I probably would have done the same.
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Rest in Peace sweet girl.
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