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Sick Feral

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I posted two weeks ago when I caught my black feral,Blackie and took him in to be neutered.
I noticed this Saturday that his hair looks bad, scabby, hair loss and thin hair. His left eye is half closed and draining and on the left side of his head (old battle scare)has an open sore. I can't get him to the vet till Friday so I have eye ointment (from when the kittens eyes were sick), put a glob on a qtip and when I put his food out I quickly put it in his eye, he was more interested in eating. Then I did the same with 3in1 antibio ointment for his head. Have been doing this daily When I called the vet, he said when I bring him in, he will come to the car to look at him. Does anyone have any info on what his skin/hair problem could be?
I hope everything turns out ok for him, he has come a long way from being wild/hungry/homeless (Jan 2003) to now, living in my garage and sleeping on my husbands motorcycle
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Here's a link

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I would love to see a picture of Blackie sleeping on the motorcycle!

I am glad Blackie will let you medicate him. Fair warning...when the vet examines him in the car, make sure all doors and windows are closed. If there is even the smallest opening, Balckie might freak-out and escape!

Good luck and please keep us up to date on how Blackie is doing.
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You're such an angel!

I'm so glad your vet is willing to see him. We've found with all of "our" ferals that at the vet they're so terrified they are totally complacent. We only had one they had trouble crating after being neutered. But for vet visits, they've all been extremely handleable. That your vet is willing to see him in the car is wonderful, but it would be safer for the kitty to see him in the exam room.

If he's going to examine him just by looking at him and that's sufficient, then that's fine.

Good luck, and please keep us posted! I'll keep Blackie in my prayers.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts. The site was very helpful with all the info on skin problems.
I live in a small town that has two Vets, the first Vet I went to, I have never seen, have only seen the office workers so I changed to the second Vet. He loves cats and I called him and told him about Blackie and he said he would see him. I was the one to suggest looking at him in the car because I did not want him to contaminate the office, he looks bad. He does not seem to be in any pain. His eye is starting to look better and the sore is healing up. My mother told me the day he was neutered, she picked him up for me and brought him home, that he smelled really bad when she had him in the car. So now that I have read the site on the skin disorders, and he smells bad when you are in an enclosed area with him, he has a problem.
I will try to get a picture of him on the motorcycle, we will see how it turns out since he is black and the motorcycle is black. (will have to learn how to use the scanner )
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Just got back from the Vet. Blackie has a type of dermentis (sp) and he got a Ivermectin Shot. The vet said he will be thirsty for awhile due to the shot but should start to look better soon. I am glad it is not the mange. And Blackie was so good at the vet, we were able to take him inside and out of the cage. I wish those people who think ferals can not be tamed could have seen him
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I am so glad it wasn't something more serious! And...you're right about ferals: they can be such wonderful cats and some can behave so well in scary situations.
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