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Cat needs home in Cleveland

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My neighbor Brian forwarded this email to me from someone in his department. I've sent on links, info, etc. but thought I'd put this here in the chance that someone would see this and would be able to help this cat. Please PM me directly if you can help. Thanks a whole lot! Christy

I am asking your help in finding a home for a beautiful grey cat that is living outside of my house. This cat was someone's wonderful pet; it is declawed and very gentle and loving. Medium size, grey with white paws and green eyes. A fixed male, I believe (although I'm not great at judging this piece of the equation.) About 2 years old. This cat definitely wants to be an indoor cat; he sneaks in my house whenever he gets the chance. A real lap cat.

If you or someone you know will adopt this little guy, I will pay for his vet visit (all shots etc.) Please let me know if you can help. I want to find a home for him well before winter.
Thanks in advance.
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Aw....poor declawed kitty living outside! My heart aches. I'm sorry, but I don't know anyone (except you!) in Cleveland.

Has he tried putting up posters at Vet's places? Pet Supply Stores? An Ad in the paper?

If he can't find a home for him, please have him refer his friend to the feral colonies forum here. We can help this person with information as to how to take care of this kitty despite being outside. He'll survive the winter just fine!!!!!!

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Well, I referred Brian's friend to Save Samoa, along with several of the links we have there. She's been taking care of the cat for months now, but can't take him in (and from what Brian said, she feels really bad that she can't take the cat herself. She's convinced it's an owned cat that was dumped-besides the declaw it loves human interaction). She did send the email to their work group, so hopefully someone who is looking for a cat will be able to help. In the meantime, I'll send Brian the link for the feral forums, so perhaps his friend can help kitty survive outside.
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I live in Newark,Ohio. I currently have no way of coming and picking up the cat, but I probably could take him though. Thanks!!
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