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Sherral, it's nice at least that they may be able to use you. I know that doesn't help right now, but just like Rubyangel said - that can change in a snap. You're on the list, and that's a step in the right direction.

We'll keep Ted in our prayers, and we'll keep up those good vibes coming your way!!!

Congrats on being able to just keep plugging.... sending out resumes is the thing to do. Keeping busy and continuing to look and try is half the battle. It can be difficult at times to not give up, but you've got a great attitude, and I hope - at least with our help - that you can keep it up!!!!!!

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Sherral not eating is not good. Is there a place near you where they can help you out for awhile? How about planting a garden? It is a bit late, but you can buy some plants that already have veggies started on them.

Have you ever tried TVP? It is a vegetable protein that is really inexpensive and takes on the flavor of whatever it is cooked with. It is quite good and will give you the vitamins you lack now for not eating properly.

is the church no help?
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Ted is the church and he has 4 people who comes ever Sunday.Ted went out tonight to a place where you work and get paid the next day,it won't be much but I will be able to buy some food. Please don't worry.
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Beans & rice are very inexpensive and provide lasting energy.
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Sometimes if you vollenteer at a soup kitchen they will let you take home the left overs.
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Try contacting your counties social services. They can give you a list of food shelves in your area. If you don't want the charity, return it when you get back on your feet. Food shelves are for the community for when the community needs them.
Another thought to supply some of your needs, how about bartering for them with merchants in your neighborhood. Or with nweighbors.
As alwyas prayers to you.
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They are called Deals, Dollar Tree, or Dollar Bills in the St. Louis area. For food, Deals is the best. Is there something like that in your area? Some of these Deals stores even have frozen foods (pizzas, casseroles, etc) in a frozen food section, and I mean brand names, and full sizes. Nothing is over a dollar.
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Originally posted by hissy
Sherral not eating is not good. Is there a place near you where they can help you out for awhile? How about planting a garden? It is a bit late, but you can buy some plants that already have veggies started on them.
I agree, not eating can be quite bad for you. Once I didn't eat very much for a week(I had my tonsils removed) and I ended up in the hospital. I did lose 10 pounds though...
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I feel a little better today,no I and Ted still don't have a job,but Ted get's paid for the miles he put's in going to and from the church,anyway he got a check today! And My frezzer& :censor::censor::censor::censor:.& cupbored's are full!!! And I only spent $68.00 ! I have food!!! Kitties have food and new litter! Ted will be working at a temp.starting some time next week,intill he get a full time job.and I sent out to resurmes today. So quit worrying I am eating.Thanks everyone for your vibes and crossed finger's, I will have a job soon,I can feel it!!!
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Sherral, too bad that you're not out here. Construction and call centers are hiring like crazy. A company called INFONXX is adding 200 people. They handle directory assistance for all of the major wireless compenies, except AT&T.

The cost of living is lower, too. Tucson has the lowest apartment rental rates, in the west.

I know how it is with churches. Mark's father-in-law is taking on construction and remodeling jobs, to keep his church and family afloat. In Mark's opinion, Lupe needs to give up the church and get a job. Sam's mother is even working on some of the remodeling jobs, with him.

As for groceries, potatoes and Ramen noodles kept me going, during the tough years.
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I bought a case of ramen noodles!
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I've lived on beans & rice & ramen before too! And I used to work in a grocery store near a college - you could always spot the college students because they would buy mass quantities of ramen! Seriously, beans+any starch=a good healthy complete protein. We lived on that when I was little and money got tight.
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you can add cheese and it taste pretty good!(to the soup)!
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Although I don't reccomend this I knew of a family that lived on weiner water soup. One night they would have weiners and save the water that they used to heat them up. The next night the would add catsup and weiner water soup was born. Back then you could get cheap weiners for less than $1.00 a pound.
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Wow, I don't think that would hold me for very long! But weiners are good & cheap too...I used to put them on a fork & roast them over the gas burner! Mmmmmm...almost like a campout!
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I just throw one in the mike.!!
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Weiners are are equivelnt to sausages, I think- Over here when someones being a pain you say Oiiii You weiner! do you say oii you sausage LOL

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I'm really hope - everything's going alright honey! Now, when you both getjobs...

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Have you ever thought of applying at a bank or credit union as a teller or in the bookeeping dept. They will train you and they usually have pretty good benefits. There usually is a lot a turn around, because if you do well, they will usually promote within the financial facility.
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